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Have you ever come across someone you once encountered, be it on tv, on the streets, in school, at work, and thought to yourself, “Wow, she’s one cool chick … and she’s really nice!” Well, I have. And she’s ‘mai’ first pick for the Pocket Stylestar.

Jeannie Mai has come along way in the beauty industry, first starting out as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics, and was given the opportunity to work with various celebrities such as Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys. It wasn’t till her  big break in Style Network’s How Do I Look? that she grew to be a household name in the fashion industry. It was through the show that I was first introduced to her too! And, I have to say, my sister and I can spend hours on the couch watching back-to-back episodes. The series aims to help women who have been trapped in major fashion no-nos throughout their lives. Not only will they have the biggest wardrobe makeover, but they’ll have a makeover of their lifetime. There’s one episode where a woman lived by the rule of ‘rocking’ a single colour. For her, it was purple. Every single thing she owns was purple. And when she asked Jeannie, “Well, how do I look?” (a common tagline), Jeannie replied, “Like a walking eggplant?”. That isn’t Jeannie being mean, it is her giving out some tough love.

Jeannie’s all about making people feel better about themselves, empowering them, and that’s what I like most about the show (aside from the fact that I can cringe at their bad wardrobe and celebrate the new one, and judge how much they’ve really transformed). To enable the participants to fully comprehend the fact that this isn’t merely a wardrobe makeover, the people behind HDIL? have also included a section where random people give their first impressions of the participants based on their initial outfits. This, in my opinion, is a big eye-opener for these fashion victims as they finally get to see why they needed a makeover because more often than not, these people refuse to part with their old wardrobe. You’ve got to watch it to know it. (: Oh, and last I heard, the show has been nominated for the Emmys – just a measure of how awesome it is!

Jeannie has a penchant for colours, and I really admire how she’s spunky enough to wear them out! A definite headturner, my housemate and I couldn’t stop admiring how cool her hair is. How amazing her outfits were. How pretty her hair looked today. Her shoes! Her earrings! Her eye makeup! (Jeannie often spots a blue based one – to me anyway! Haha) Her sass pizzaz! It seems like there is no stopping us from the Jeannie Mai ‘frenzy’ (for the lack of a better word). It got to a point where my housemate had even wanted to put in blue highlights in her hair to channel her inner mai style guru. (We found out that it would require a bleaching process which might prove to be damaging to her hair). Once, my sister, without my knowledge of course, facebook chat Jeannie Mai, and she actually replied! And so sweetly too. When my sister showed me the convo (she’s 7, mind you), I felt like I was on Cloud 9!

Plus, I think the fact that she’s Asian (Vietnamese-Chinese to be exact!) makes her cool factor go up 10o notches. (It’s just my Asian pride, really).

Ahh, pocket full of  love for Jeannie Mai. ( :8

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