*Disclaimer: Please do not read this if you aren’t interested in big sales, vintage clothes, girl rambling about the sale and the clothes because it might just annoy you and eventually see you clicking the ‘X’ button (a complete waste of time on your part!). Though I can’t discern your presence  if you don’t like vintage, clothes, sales, and girl rambling on about these stuff either. Hm.

The title once again reveals my affinity with puns, though if it’s purely lame to you (yet largely hilarious to me), I will cut down on it in the future but you’ve got to let me know via comments or something! (Otherwise, how else would I know right?) I should warn you though that there’s a reason why this is ‘A Whale Of A Review’. It’s simply too ginormous, I have to break it down into parts. Hope you don’t mind, all in the name of vintage goodness! ( :8

So the much hyped Huge Vintage Sale finally came, and I was so excited that I managed to wake up early even though I slept less than 7 hours (very princessy of me, but sleep is super important to anyone!)

Getting there was a breeze, as it was a mere 5 mins bus ride from Wellington St Bus Station. It took us less than 10 mins to arrive at the vintage haul (another bad pun).

The venue: 180 Charles Street, corner Vincent Street, West Perth

How thoughtful of the organiser(s) to invite a one-man coffee van to provide warmth in a cup for the early birds! This definitely brews the goodness that’s to come.

I wasn’t kidding when I told you to withdraw some extra cash early.

You can tell I was really well-prepared. Hahah.

Everyone was busy, busy, busy thereafter grabbing clothes from racks, bags/shoes/belts from tables, making mental calculations to see if they’ve brought enough cash, calculating opportunity costs, reserving a corner to bury their finds, trying on the items while safeguarding their treasures. Plenty of work in a day, I’d say:

(Oops sorry for this blurry photo taken by moi, the primarily amateur photographer)

These pair of purple babies got their fair share of attention (also seen on Dropstitch). I can see why. Lovely colour!

A mountainous pile of vintage goods (this view doesn’t do justice). Trust me, it was heartbreaking to part with some of these lovely pieces.

Apart from vintage clothes and accessories, they also had vintage (and vintage-inspired) jewellery on sale. I didn’t get any though. Would much prefer to spend my $$ on clothes this time.

The term ‘a pocketful of vintage’ would be clearly inappropriate.

I was forced to leave before more damage was done!  ) :

I would say, I enjoyed myself thoroughly at this event though I was never satisfied with the things I got. Greed more than anything else, perhaps. I couldn’t help but scan the whole place for newer stock, or same old stock placed back on the racks! It got to a crazy point that my company told me she’d return the ‘unwanted’ items for me, just cause she knew I might get lost in the massive pile of vintage awesomeness … and never find my way out.

It was a fairly organised event – no mosh whatsoever, and this was ensured by a certain door goddess (‘girl’ doesn’t sound appealing, and ‘lady’ might come off as an elderly) whose job was to count and limit the number of people in the hall at each time. Kind of like when you queue up for rides at the theme park. We got there before it started, and spent a good hour in there. Most of the time weighing the opportunity costs of taking this lovely $22 skirt, instead of that rich $25 teal blouse. It was a very hard task, but the deed has been done, and I’m oh so happy!

Plus, you don’t really see people eyeing your things like an eagle tracking its prey, cause as I’ve said, new stock keeps coming in, which was, needless to say, majorly splendid. We did get a few people touching our bag, or grabbing my shoe thinking they’re part of the vintage stuff on sale. That was pretty funny to me. Also, because I stuffed everything we’d collected (well, I tried but it overfloweth obviously) into my basket, people actually mistook it as a form of display or something since they’d obliviously laid their hands on a pair of pumps we’ve found, or a nice clutch. That was funny too. Lucky for us, we’re pretty firm! What’s mine, is mine!! Mwahahah (Girls, sometimes you’ve got to be selfish … I said ‘sometimes’ …)

A setback for me was the price of the dresses. I bought not one dress because although there were countless pretty frocks on sale, I thought $40 was a little too much to pay. Especially since I’m looking into quantity as well. Ahh … the priceless lessons of retail therapy …

And since we’re on the topic of vintage …

Here’s a nice, rustic high chair we found at an unassuming restaurant along Northbridge (aka Chinatown).

Hope all you pockets enjoyed this review. You’re permitted to pry into my shopping bags in the next post. ( :


{All photos courtesy of my kind kindred spirit, aol prints, 2010}


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  1. wonderwool 08/06/2010 at 12:34 am Reply


    • pocketofvintage 09/06/2010 at 1:05 am Reply

      Haha, thanks. It was amazing! ( : It’s just the kind of thing that Singapore needs, and you’re pioneering it. Yay!

  2. Emma 09/06/2010 at 3:58 pm Reply

    Wow, I’ve never been called a ‘door goddess’ before, only a ‘door bitch’! Glad you got some goodies! I remember seeing you leave with that basket jam packed!

  3. pocketofvintage 09/06/2010 at 6:01 pm Reply

    Hi Emma, you don’t deserve to be called a ‘door bitch’! In fact, everyone there was pretty kind. ( :
    It was truly a vintage haul for me, haha.

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