Greetings, dear pockets!
As promised in my previous review, you’re hereby entitled to a ‘ONE POCKET ONLY’ pass to preview pocketofvintage’s sale treasures!

Step right up, and enjoy this feast!

{Clockwise: Summer hat with bow, Red leopard print maxi skirt, Toscano leather document bag, Red chiffon l/s top, Blue print chiffon top, Star Wars tee, Floral tee, Navy stripe cotton shirt, Mustard square-collared blouse, Black leather handbag, Navy polka dot with rose 3/4 skirt}

{Table 8 cream blazer, White blouse, Black cropped leather biker jacket}

{Etienne Aigner pumps}

{Etienne Aigner weave pumps, also featuring Summer hat, Navy vest}

Is it just me or does it seem like there is  room for more vintage finery in here? Hmm. Unfortunately neither of us have our own means of transport (which may actually be a blessing in disguise), otherwise you’d definitely see more things in here!

In case you are wondering, these pieces cost anywhere between AUD5-28. It’s pretty decent to me, but please keep the calculations to your self! Collectively, it was quite a bit of $$ spent. I seem to have a slight problem to weigh true opportunity cost (which means to get as little as possible/not get anything at all).

Is there anything that any of you pockets like in here?

Keep your eyes peeled for my favourite pieces in the next review!

(I did tell you it was a ginormous review)

Have a good Friday everyone!


{all images are lovingly brought to you by aol prints}


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