I know they came ashore a while back, but Perth doesn’t have Topshop (shame) and I’m not one to scour for goods that are out of my usual budget range (yes … to me Topshop can get pretty pricey). So when I trooped my way to the stores over the past week, these babies caught my eyes. Perhaps because I first saw it on Monica Rose‘s blog (stylist to the Kardashian sisters), and thought, ‘Hmm they look quite cute,’

{Topshop, SGD29}

Available in 4 different colours, they’re affordable and comfortable (I’ve tried them on … and trust me, my feet knows comfort at the back of my foot -trying to be funny here, is it working?? or plain lame).

The question is: are they stylish? Or u-g-l-y? I’ve had 2 trusted friends tell me the latter. I think it’s relative. Cause I know of people who can pull off this look. For instance, I can somehow see Venetia from FOYF rock this jellies and make them look yummy. I don’t know, that’s just my opinion!

What do you all think?

A yay or a big fat nay?


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