I’ve noticed that the Red Lips trend has finally blew kisses our way this mid year. Singaporeans are generally not the risk-taking sort (repeat: generally). We prefer to blend in, rather than stand out because we’d hate to observe a chain of whispers exchanged no matter how much we proclaim, “I don’t care what everyone else thinks.” We are just not as comfortable being outlandish.

While the trend of the Red Lips has been brought back for a while now thanks to the likes of Dita Von Teese, Christina Aguilera  and Gwen Stefani just to name a few, it is only in recent times that Singaporeans are becoming more daring to explore with their sultry side. Shed off those pretty shades of pinks, that girl-next door, safe even, image and unleash their inner goddesses. Red is after all, ‘Boomz’.

The only problem is, I’ve observed many have still yet to learn how to rock the red lips. I’m no beauty guru, but I believe I can tell the difference between the good and the ugly.

When attempting to rock the red lips (or rocking a good make up basically), keep one rule in mind: yin and yang. What I mean by this is to keep things in contrast. If you want to have some scarlet in your kisses, then keep everything else subtle. Like these:

{Google Images}

The red lipstick has a penchant for making you look older, more grown up, more glamorized. Of course that’s where the red lipstick should take us: to make a glamorous statement, not a bad one. The look we’re going for here is sexy, not skanky so be sure to choose the right shade for your skin tone and play down on your eye make up especially if it’s for a daytime look.

Getting the right shade is very important, and I’ve seen a true clash of the red and the skin tone. Instead of looking rad, you’ll end up looking bad. If you have a pale face, go for the ‘true’ red. If you’re olive or darker skinned, go for a shade with a more earthy undertone. And psst, did you know that red lipstick with blue undertones can help your yellow-stained teeth appear whiter too? Uh huh, no trip to the dentist required!

In short, red lips + thick kohl-lined eyes is not a sexy look, girls. It is definitely not the look we are aiming for! If this is the look you’ve been wearing then clearly you aren’t surrounded by real friends. Unless of course you’ve made it clear to them that you want to look like Mr McDs.

Till I find the perfect red lipstick,


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