Hi guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates. My family and I were whisked off (more like dragged …) by my dad to an Indonesian Island about 1.5 hours away via ferry.

I’m going to come clean with you here and admit that it’s no where near it’s more popular neighbours Bali, Bintan or even Batam. Far from it, actually.

Well to give the place some credit, it is no doubt filled with old world charm. According to the older folks on the trip, Karimun Island/Tanjong Balai is akin to how Singapore and Malaysia were in the 1960s and 70s. It was a sight to see treasures retained on this humble piece of land. Food was pretty good and cheap too.

The only bad thing that neither of us could stand was the accommodation. The state of it was sooo horrible!! Baby cockroaches and big ants were the other tenants in the room, and I spent about 30% of my time there killing any that caught my eye. It was annoying, and sent shivers down my spine seeing all these creepy crawlies!! There was an awful stench in the room too, and I treated it with incessant amount of body mist that I’d bought for 90cents, haha.

Bad things aside, here are the good finds of the island:

I have some exciting news to share with you in the next post!! Something I’ve recently discovered and am sooo excited to share with all of you especially to those in Singapore!

Stay tuned, pockets!


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