21: Watershed for Kristal

So on Wednesday, my housemate who’s also been my confidante for the last 8 years, turned 21.

I’ve been planning for this day for weeks now, and it finally came and went … sweetly.

If you know me well enough (like Kristal does), you’d know that I’m pretty much a zero when it comes to surprises … and keeping mum about it. I don’t know. I find it sooo hard, and often find myself caught in ‘traps’ which sees me eventually giving away hints. Bad, bad, bad. I think, the pointer (for those like me) here is to have many little surprises so that when you unintentionally blurt a tiny bit of hint, the surprisee (is that what you call them?? haha) wouldn’t have guessed there’re more to come! Well that was what I did anyway, and honestly, I’m sooo glad it’s over because I really felt a weight lifted off me.

You see … Kristal and I, we share the apartment alone. Just the two of us. I see her everyday, she sees me everyday. We talk everyday, we eat everyday (ok duh who doesn’t!) well, well you get my point! So I swear, it was so bloody (excuse me) hard for me to keep things away from her! Like I’ve had to make arrangements where to hide the gifts, the card (which she chanced upon when my file flew off my hands. Epic fail … though the content was a surprise!), and the party planning. I even brought my phone with me in the shower (well ok not in the tub with me, just on the tabletop).

Since we’re students on foreign grounds, we don’t have the privilege of celebrating birthdays with our families. Our nuclear family, at least, because we still have a different kind of family to share the occasion with.

I can’t stress how important friends are when you live abroad. They really become your support group, your honey line. My housemate, Kristal, and I, don’t have that many friends here, and sometimes that’s the way we like it. Small and tight (like a well-fitted bra).

Ok, enough of me yapping away.

It started with me blindfolding her. Ok, no. Actually she blindfolded herself willingly because I failed at my attempt.

Took baby steps to the venue. Naturally, people would look at her and smile/laugh. Doesn’t really matter. She wouldn’t have known.

Kristal with a present that we knew she’d love. Guaranteed. She’s been wanting it for about 2 years already.

You know that feeling when you’re opening up presents? So many thoughts racing through your head like quickly flipping through a catalogue choosing which item you’d want to purchase? This one, I’d say went beyond Kristal’s expectation/catalogue.

Yay! A Cath Kidston saddle bag! She adores it. A lot.

A Strawberry Jelly Cheesecake made by her cousin, Jun. So yum. Like Strawberry Pocky.

Honey line. Everyone was present. (:


There’s no better way to experience studying abroad then with you.

Remember to start injecting sexiness into your life! <3

ps. Thank you for listening to my Live Feed everyday, and for taking care of me.

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