So I was just receiving my dose of hourly Facebook news feed when I saw that Pigeonhole has issued their nominees for the Peggy Sues & Pigeonhole Vintage Giveaway.

I read about it a few days ago, and kept chirping, “How cool, how cool!!” to my housemate. I don’t know if that did her in, but what I saw today, at about 1045pm, as I was going through the photos of the Top 10 (and making a mental decision which one to vote for), I saw a name similar to mine, and got curious. Scrolled the page up, only to find a photo of myself staring back at me. I was #10.

I suffered a heart attack and blacked out for what felt like a whole year. It was dramatic. Kristal was trying for a good 10 minutes to regain my consciousness by slapping my face and splashing water on me.


Of course not.

I screamed. Jumped at my seat. And half-laughed and half-yelled at my housemate next door because I know it is most definitely her doing.

It took a while for me to register everything in, another 5 minutes for her to explain everything to me, and … yet my knees are still jello as I type this! I feel like I’m suffering from fits. My pits are sweating like crazy from all the excitement (Sorry have to gross you out a bit for some bite of reality). If I had known this would happen, I would’ve applied more deodorant or something!!! Gawd. I should go take a shower after this.

Well, if you’re still not grossed out by what I’ve just shared, then pretty please click here

(even if you are grossed out, but think it’s funny how dramatic I can be -oh this isn’t my best- then you should still click)

and vote for me (#10!!) !

I just got word from my mama that you’d have to ‘Like’ Pigeonhole first, before liking my photo.

So do what you have to do ok!

It’s not so much about me winning, but I want to make Kristal’s efforts a success. ( :

Voting ends Thursday, 5pm. So till then, be clicking!

If you’re interested to know, this is the email she sent in, along with the photo she had submitted:

(thanks Kristal for kindly forwarding this email to me! (((((: 8)

To: ellery@pigeonhole.com.au
Subject: Hannah loves vintage!
Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2010 12:38:02 +0800

Hannah Kamsadi [ˈhænə]


a. The essence of vintage fashion.
b. An enchanted and quaint child of Vintage; who has the deepest & utmost genuine interest for vintage clothes.
Whose heart hath longeth been devoted to the 1950s.
2. In her dreams, she has everyone follow a vintage revolution.

She doesn’t know I’m sending this,
because she’s far too modest to send one,
but has been going on about Pigeonhole’s Vintage Competition.
I’m sending this,
because I saw the sparkle in her eyes when she quipped with immense enthusiasm, quite like a child’s,
about this.
And maybe because, she has been my confidante of 8 years & the (quaint & dainty – or so she likes to think! haa)
housemate that I couldn’t have asked for more(:

With a sincere plea & crossing my fingers,

So sweet of her right??? I can’t decide whether to strangle her or hug her tight (of course … with fresh smelling pits).
So so so if you like what you’ve just read, then please go to:
and click ‘Like’

and click ‘Like’


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