I was thrilled to find out that one of our favourite stores in Perth, Pigeonhole, has a new baby in their Bon Marche residence.

An unassuming yet alluring store that has a lot to offer given the space! With reasonable prices to boot!

For instance, a pair of vintage slip-ons costs $40, straw hats for $20 and gloves for $15.

I wouldn’t mind having this lovely bouquet of flowers in my room. My mom would agree.

Really cute ensembles! The theme was 1950s. My favourite <3

And …

What I got myself:

Lilac pleated bed jacket circa 1970s

I swear upon my two full wardrobes (one in Singapore and the other in Perth) that I have acquired a very expensive hobby. Collecting threads demands lots of $$ and you could advice me aplenty but really, there’s no way I can stop shopping. Put me out there, and I’d bring home a bag or two (or touchwood, more than two) … confine me at home and I’ll click away.

I’d better get a job, pronto. Or some way of earning money to upkeep with my obsession.

Anyone out there requires some form of assistance?? Hurry before I get scooted to Shopaholic Anonymous!

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