Feather Clutch in Nude

I have been eyeing the feather clutch for some time now, and my lust for it was heightened when I saw it on fashion blogs Fashion Zen and Pandora.

Drooling over it on the ASOS website was bad enough, but to actually see it stylishly secured in the hands of the fashion-forward completely blew me away (it also tells me that I have pretty good taste hahaha. So thick-skinned!)

I have had a growing affinity with birds and feathers not because it’s in trend, but because of the amazingly beautiful-I-can’t-even-begin-to-describe-how-I-feel-when-I-look-at-it  white peacock that nestles in the UWA Arts Building. I have major admiration for it. Like as if it’s some kind of royalty. If you don’t have a clue how it looks like …

{Google Images}

Pretty righhtttt????

It’s the prettiest animal I’ve ever laid my eyes on.  Call me shallow, but I really appreciate pretty things, big and small. I always refer to its ‘crown’ as a tiara. It is such a princess. *melts*

The feather clutch, especially in nude, proves to be a versatile piece and I can really see myself carrying it for special occasions or events! Or even to jazz up a casual outfit! Gives it that extra oomph you know?

Then I began to widen my horizons (I’m making bag shopping sound life changing) and came across another one that is just as darling.

Chiffon and Satin Ruffle Clutch in Mink

I adore chiffon. I am serious. It’s like my favourite material out there. And silk. They’re so lightweight and feminine. In mink, I can also see myself with this in various outfits! I also like the fact that the clasp is in gold, so the elegance is retained.

Nude and grey. Definitely key colours when you’re looking for versatility without retreating to the safe black or white.

Then again, I’m also a fan of outfits that have a dash of colour. It can be black all round but something, something has to pop. Or even an outfit that screams bubblegum pop (I refer to this as the turquoise/blue + pink mix)! Or pop art!

Like this pink baby:

Chiffon and Satin Ruffle Clutch in Pink

{Clutch images from Asos}

How can you resist the colour? Even my housemate (who is not a typical girl) thinks the pink is awesome.

So right now I’m torn. Obviously my student allowance can’t afford all 3 pieces.

So I’ve got to pick one. Or two (and starve for a week).

Well, in the midst of oohing, and aahing, and before you leave this site for Asos or some other well-loved blog,


**before Thursday, 12 Aug 2010, 5pm

And VOTE FOR ME, CAUSE KINDNESS IS KEY (and one day, you’ll receive the same lovin’).

Also, because I’ve received tremendous support from everyone who’s voted, and are planning to vote, I’m thinking of holding a lucky draw, as a token of my gratitude.

So vote, and stay tuned as I ponder on what cool giveaway I should have!

It’s Domino’s Cheaper Tuesday, y’all.

Happy Pizza Day


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4 thoughts on “TWO CENTS ON CLUTCH

  1. The Velvet Bow 11/08/2010 at 7:57 am Reply

    Pretty clutches!

    I am pretty sure peacocks with all the amazing feathers are male, so maybe he is a prince wearing a crown instead? :)

  2. pocketofvintage 11/08/2010 at 11:10 pm Reply

    Yes, pretty indeed!

    And oops! I thought the peacock would look much better as a female. Perhaps he’s the best of both worlds?

  3. reen 12/08/2010 at 11:25 pm Reply

    that peacock resides at your school! wow.
    i’ve never seen a white peacock before!
    are they common?
    the ones back in my sentosa sch were EWWW.

    so is it male or female.
    i understand males are the prettier ones.

  4. pocketofvintage 12/08/2010 at 11:37 pm Reply

    Hey Reen! (:

    Uh huh, it does along with about 3 other regular peacocks! Really pretty. You should come visit me here and admire it :P

    It’s male, I think. They’re the prouder ones too, right? Hahah.

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