The results of the Peggy Sues + Pigeonhole Vintage Giveaway was released and unfortunately I won’t be receiving a free vintage dress anytime soon.

Funny how just this competition alone that came as a huge surprise, and was over in a matter of days, has taught me so much. I was really overwhelmed with the amount of support that I had received, especially from my family and friends.

This competition has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone through shameless advertising and sending out tons of messages to garner as much support as I can. Initially, I had to grit my teeth and bite my tongue every time I sent out a request for votes. I’d cringe and had hoped I wouldn’t embarrass myself. As more ‘send’ buttons were clicked, I began to open up more and learnt to accept the fact that, hey it’s ok to go after what you’re aiming for.

It was a surreal experience and such an amazing opportunity. I wasn’t prepared to be in the competition, and for me to be in the Top 10 was mind-blowing. It wouldn’t have been possible if Kristal hadn’t been that thoughtful person that she is and sent in the picture to the Pigeonhole team (: and of course, I’d like to thank the Pigeonhole team especially Ellery for this awesome adventure!

I’m just still in awe by the sheer amount of warmth, love and support from everyone who had voted.

At the end of the day, I realised it didn’t matter whether I win or lose. It’s more than comforting to know that to them, I’m already in first place.


Now that aside, here’s me at the Pigeonhole Vintage launch photobooth:

I smile funny cause I didn’t want to show my teeth + red lips. It’ll be overkill! Hahah.

{Pigeonhole Facebook Page}

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2 thoughts on “FIRST PRIZE

  1. bel 16/08/2010 at 12:43 am Reply

    hannah you look awesome and you carry the red lipstick so well! I voted for you in pigeonhole and I just wanna tell you tt you’re the best regardless you win or lose!

  2. pocketofvintage 16/08/2010 at 5:40 am Reply

    Thank you for your kind words, Bel (: I truly appreciate your support!
    ps. my hair’s a bit cmi though. heh.

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