One of my favourite pastimes is daydreaming. It can be from thinking about what I’d love to have for dinner today to how swell it would when I run a vintage empire in Singapore … and which tiles I’ll pick for the flooring of my boutique.Trust me, I daydream a lot. Back in those days when I still had to be clad in uniform for school, I’d often think about how interesting and fun it would be if teachers dressed better to work! Think about how much more willing you are to go to school when you can check out who’s wearing what, and think about how much more attentive you’d be just because the teachers weren’t dressed dowdily!

My guide to wearing vintage to work is merely my point of view as to how vintage can be translated into the working environment, also assuming that certain dress codes such as color scheme has to be adhered to. It is only a rough guide that aims to help you widen your choices for your work attire.

The best part of this though, is that you don’t have to scour high and low for these pieces. There’s also no need for you to hunt for vintage or thrift stores and even scroll through the pages of ebay and etsy if you don’t mind vintage-inspired looks instead of the real  deal.

First up, this is by far my star pick for any ensemble. It is versatile, chic, vintage and trendy all at once! What can get any better than that, right?

The pussy bow blouse can be tied into a ribbon, a men’s necktie or even left as it is for weekends or even after work:



It can be paired with the high-waisted pencil skirt for a skimming 1970s bombshell effect:



I would recommend getting a pencil skirt that falls at least below the knees for a more wholesome look.

On days that you don’t feel like being too cautious and proper, there’s always room for you to adopt Katherine Hepburn‘s style.

{Google Images}

The high-waisted wide leg pants gives women the chance to be more carefree yet feminine because it emphasizes the curves of a woman:



And of course, don’t wide leg pants just scream ‘That 70’s Show’?

For those who prefer fuss-free choices, channel your inner Twiggy with the shift dress:



Another darling style you can look for in a top is the peter pan collar:



It instantly oozes girlish charm, and would definitely create a different atmosphere in a no nonsense world.

If however, you’re one of the lucky few who gets to work in a slightly more relaxed environment, I would definitely suggest taking a vintage dress out to work!



If you’re into accessories and are allowed to put them on at work, try some pearl necklaces for the 50s vibe, clip-on earrings, gold brooch, and even pinning your hair up or creating a bouffant half up-do  for maximum effect!

To finish off the look, find yourself a  pair of closed, pointed heels or for those with broader feet a pair of round mary janes, and you’re good to go!

If you’re looking into having a vintage-inspired look for a job interview, I had heard that wearing navy blue makes you appear reliable and trustworthy.

Other than that, keep it chic and comfortable! Do away with items that are overwhelming for you or don’t represent who you are, because your future employer wants to get to know you better, not your outfit! Remember that dressing for success also means feeling good in your own skin.

With that said, bonne chance to my fellow reader who had requested for this advice! (:

ps. If you’re keen to try out pin up hairstyles or makeup, it’s safer to try it out after you’ve scored the job.


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