Before you get it all wrong, I think The White Elephant Sale (crew pictured above … love ’em ele tags!) went tremendously well. Crowd. Check. Accessible venue. Check. Cupcakes. Check.

So what exactly happened? Well, where do I start …

I left home only an hour before the sale was due to happen at 1pm. BIG MISTAKE. Never have I left home that late before embarking on a sale (yes, it’s like a crazy adventure). I am kiasu (for proper English-speaking readers ‘kiasu’ in its literal sense means ‘must win, never lose’) like that. Usually I’d try to be there at a respectable amount of time, say at least 30 minutes before the start of the event. I was being too comfortable in my bed on a Saturday morning and had got up late. A series of unfortunate events was followed and I had arrived at Subiaco at 12.45. You’d think, ‘Oh … that’s not too bad. You could still sprint there and be on time!’. Nope. Not so lucky because a friend of mine who had tagged along got her wedges stuck to a rock, and it got ripped apart. Let’s just say we took a while to get there, including a wrong turn.

At 1.10pm there was already a long queue, and I thought, ‘Hmm, that’s ok. I’m pretty sure we’d still have a wide variety to choose from!’. Till I had heard a girl walk out (they had adopted the Door Bitch/Girl/Goddess concept … loved her glasses!! but sadly I was too timid to snap a pic) and say to her friend, “Everything’s wiped up in there, mate.” Uh oh. Not good. Not good at all!

I tried to walk off my anxiety by going over to the Cupcakes Section. Three lovely ladies who gave me permission to take a photo of their equally lovely cupcakes. To be honest, I am not a fan of cupcakes. I hate them. Icing and all. But … these cupcakes were heavenly. They actually smelled really good!! I’m not saying this just because any of these lovely ladies might stumble upon my blog to read about them (they had asked for my blog address). If I hadn’t been fasting (it’s Ramadan now for all Muslims out there), I would most definitely buy myself and my friend a $2 cupcake each! I could’ve had my first delicious cupcake! Well instead of indulging in them, I had learnt that the cupcake sale profit will go towards the Fred Holloway Foundation, an organisation that helps to treat any kinds of eye illnesses for the people in 3rd world countries. Did you know that it takes only $25 to conduct an eye surgery? That means, instead of getting a Sportsgirl wallet, you could be granting someone with a better eyesight? That’s awesome.

It was then time for us to enter the hall. Reality slapped us in the face. The girl was right. About 90% of the items were gone. And we weren’t even the last ones in the queue! According to Jessie of The Velvet Bow, the first 20 people had already snapped up the majority of the pool! How crazy is that?? Most of those that was left were either a) too skimpy for me, b) too big for me, c) pass. I had such a hard time choosing what to get! Till out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a paisley purple scarf and a ditsy floral green dress.

Like I said, if success = getting most of your stocks sold within a couple of minutes, then I’d say that The White Elephant Sale was a huge success! Good job, you guys! I really can’t wait for the next round and am hoping that they would organise it again! Perhaps at a bigger venue, with a wider pool and of course, a more efficient alarm clock for me!


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  1. Lenne 17/08/2010 at 4:12 am Reply

    Whoa I wished Singapore had sales like these! Or maybe not cause Singaporeans would totally swipe everything within the first minute ):

  2. trish 19/08/2010 at 9:40 am Reply

    Hi. I’m one of “The Lovely Cupcake Ladies” !!!!!!
    Thanks so much for the plug for the Fred Hollows Foundation. We raised $100( $98 actually-but we put in $2 xtra cos we like even numbers haha)
    Next time you will be able to have one.

    • pocketofvintage 19/08/2010 at 1:42 pm Reply

      Hi Trish! (:
      It is my pleasure, and congratulations on the sales and in a short amt of time! When I left the hall, you guys were no longer there. Haha.

      Looking forward to the next sale and your cupcakes too!xx

  3. pocketofvintage 19/08/2010 at 1:35 pm Reply

    Hi Lenne (: Hahaha! You’re probably right. It might be an aunty-fest. Could be fun though!

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