What I love most about the people behind the Huge Vintage Sale is their honesty. That’s right. A big fat H for Honesty.

Aren’t you simply tired of marketing forces that go, “STOREWIDE SALE” and then you’d have to squint your eyes or use a magnifying glass to clearly read the imprint stated below: ‘**Terms and conditions apply’ or ‘Selected items only’. Don’t you just hate it? I’m pretty sure that’s one of your pet peeves right there.

Well, if you had gone to the HUGE VINTAGE SALE AUGUST 2010 edition at North Perth Bowling Club earlier today, you would know that none of those marketing strategy was implemented nor needed. You know why? Because there really were thousands of pieces to choose from!! All $50 and below, and not to mention suitcases full of bargains.

To further testify this, let me tell you that my friend and I spent nearly 3 hours in there because a) we had such a big pile to choose from, and b) we came with a budget (we had previously joined forces for an Asos spree) so clearly we had to thoroughly go through piles and piles of loveliness. Am really happy with my buys even though I only got 4 items this time round (a drastic change from the previous one).

I’m pretty sure that it’s super obvious that by ‘Huge’ they really do mean it in all essence. I just have to share this with you though: as I spent countless hours trying on my picks, or going for rounds to check for more potential buys, one thing remained constant. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard this today truth be told: “Wow. This is really huge. When they say ‘huge’, they really do mean ‘huge’!!”. I swear. Almost everyone there quipped the same line (ok, not exactly) as though it was scripted! Cool or what.

Ok, more pictures, less talk.

Say hi to Super Cute Stephanie ;D

And of course, who can forget …

Bobby von Baker!!

Saw him twice so far, and finally got to purchase his much talked about cupcakes!

Since I’m fasting, this was perfect! Got one of each for the housemate & I. They’re quietly sitting in the fridge now though. I like to savour my food.

I really liked this Huge Vintage Sale. I know I said it the last time, and no I’m not being biased. I really do like the location, the hall space (plenty of room to move about) and the general variety of vintage threads!

Rumour says that the next event will be held sometime in October or possibly even September. So come on, girls, time to save up every single penny just cause every little bit counts!

See you guys till then!


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