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If there’s one colour that never fails to attract me, it’s turquoise. No, teal. No  … both? Huh? What?

I hear you.

Before today I never really knew the right difference between these two. Shame, shame. I’ve always thought that I’m drawn to the turquoise colour although yes, I do notice that sometimes, things are ‘a little darker than turquoise’ or they are ‘like turquoise … but just a little lighter’. Well, unless you speak fashion well, or you’re a fabulous Art-related teacher/student,  normal people like you and I tend to interchangeably use ‘teal’ and ‘turquoise’. Ignorantly. Scratch that. I hardly ever use the word ‘teal’ to describe anything.

Oh well if you find yourself to be in the same boat as me, then we can sail away to the great realisation that:

This is teal
and this is turquoise.


Intéressant. Who would’ve thought, huh? Well well well, now you know. And so, with this great discovery of mine I’ve decided that perhaps what I’m really attracted to are shades that fall under the umbrella of ‘cyan’. Think aqua, cerulean, electric blue …

We all learn something new every day!

*runs off to find the right representation of mustard* Mm, yummy.


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2 thoughts on “ON A CYANIC ROLL

  1. Lenne 14/09/2010 at 12:10 pm Reply

    Oh man this is tough. No wonder people stare at me strangely when I talk about colors…

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