Salvatore Ferragamo Incanto Charms (left) – My all time favourite scent. The only bad thing is that it’s Eau De Toilette so it isn’t long lasting. The one next to it is Still by Jennifer Lopez.
Rings rings rings! I’d feel naked without them. My dad doesn’t like me wearing them though. A pity cause they’re pretty! My favourite is probably the blue/turquoise stone ring from Urban Outfitters – from the fit to the colours.
Random hair accessories and ear studs (hidden by the giant flower hairclip from Diva). Yeah, I know, I like blingzz.
Earrings that I hardly wear unless I feel extra dressy or want to try something new! They’re all from F21 I think!
I was really into bangles at one point. I think it was at the start of this year, after I got back from BKK. The fetish has since died down.
I’m so much more partial to bracelets though! My current favourite is the pink glass
beads one from Sportsgirl. I really like the cobalt one too, but it’s  loose for me – it falls below my wrist.
I love necklaces too. If I had to choose between necklaces or rings … I’d be at a complete lost. Unless either one is ugly/not suitable for me. Oh and yeah, I love headbands as well though I put them on more at home or on lazy days.
A 4 year old unicorn from F21 hanging on my bedroom door.
My heels collection. And I still have a few more pairs in Singapore. ;O I have always been a flats/pumps girl. What happened??? I am a convert :O !!

This is to make up for the lack of photos and updates. Hope you liked it. Feel free to ask me any questions related to this post! (:

ps. I know, my photography skills are not too good. And my photoshop skills are worse. But thank you for bearing with me!


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