Eeek. I haven’t posted an entry in a while. Have been busy with school, then when the break came, so did my mom & sis <3 <3. Coupled with my currently mundane life (it’s not that bad, but you may think it is) I had nothing much to share, really. But here I am! (I was taught never to start sentences with ‘but’ – it gets hard sometimes when you’re trying to be conversational in writing).

My mom and sis came for a really short but well-spent trip. Did massive amount of shopping. I was actually really puzzled and amused at how my mom can fit everything into their luggage set and not exceed the weight limit. Impressive! My baggages tend to exceed almost all the time.

I guess the most interesting bit to share with you is our visit to the Perth Royal Show! Of course if you are from Perth, it might be a little dull so this is more for my readers from other parts of the world :P

In short, as someone who doesn’t reside in Perth (aka my mom) what you can expect from this carnival is, “Something like what you would normally see on those US movies when they go for  funfairs,” Immediately I thought of The Notebook:

Remember this scene?

{Google Images}

The Perth Royal Show is an event that has been held annually for the last century. They have things like foood, wide range of show bags (kinda like goodie bags but you’ve got to pay for it – it isn’t necessary though), exhibitions, animals and of course rides! It also usually occurs during the Spring school holidays! Perfect weather :D

This is my second year visiting the Showgrounds and I really had a lot of fun. Did face painting, ate buttered corns, viewed breathtakingly beautiful cakes, took the bumper car ride and of course, stayed on to watch the spectacular fireworks! I’m too chickened for any of the thrilling rides there – most are the type that spins wildly in the air. I can’t take those. I’ll probably throw up on someone’s face.

Ate a great deal at the show and generally, over this weekend. I should head back to the gym now. Bahahah, who am I kidding really? xx

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