This summer I’ll be spending some winter time in Europe. Spain to be exact! As a result of my sheer excitement, I’ve been trawling the pages of online shops in search of my ‘perfect’ coat, or ‘perfect’ scarf, or ‘perfect’ footwear (I’m still undecided on this because I don’t know whether to go with flat boots or to go with something more heeled like a pair of wedges).

Sadly, I haven’t really found all things perfect because they’re either way out of my budget range, or they aren’t in the ‘perfect’ shade. In any case, more winter eyecandies have been produced as we come closer to the end of the year and I’m real happy.

These are some of the things that I’ll be keeping a look out for:

I’ve been looking for a coat like this since … forever. Unfortunately, what I want is a rich colour of navy, or mustard.
Okay, I am not planning to trudge through the streets of Granada or Barcelona in these, but they are too pretty I couldn’t resist to post it up here – and lust for them.


Are these called ‘snoods’ or are they of a different nature? Whatever the case,! Just looking at them makes me feel all warmed up and cozy.


I saw a similar one in grey from Sportsgirl when winter was here but unfortunately, it was too pricey for me and I had waited patiently for a good bargain – the bargain never came and the coat had disappeared.
I would’ve never guessed I’d be into denim jackets, but after chancing upon a photo of a blogger rocking it the way I can relate to, I’m a convert! :O


If there are any cheap alternatives that you know of, please do share thank you!


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