I hope all of you out there are coping well. I’m personally drained from everything that has been going on around me, churning out thousands of words for assignments, sitting my sorry bottoms down in the library for 2 weeks straight, 10 hours each time, exams … argh! In any case, my last paper is due soon. Je ne peux pas attendre! That’s something to look forward to, and of course being back home.

Amidst all this craziness, I manage to remain sane by listening to music. I recently came across this amazing Youtube singer, Amy Kuney. The tone of her voice is so rich I am honestly envious. She comes across as an older version of Renee Olstead to me. I wish I had a voice like that. She also makes me miss playing the piano. I think I should start getting acquainted with my scales and scores because it’s been way too long. I’m definitely going to get her album soon!

This song is called Breaking Bad Habits, and it’s such a sad song but pleasant and soothing enough  for you to listen to if you’re stuck indoors even when it’s sunny and promising outside:

No visuals, just good ol’ music.

Holidays are just around the corner you guys. Be positive and look forward cause that’s the only way you can get to places! : >

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