Hello Pockets!

It´s been a long while. So much stuff has happened over the past week, and when it gets bad I draw strength from the constant reminder that life is short.

Just a short update as I ´steal´some Internet connection from the hotel I´m currently staying in. It´s real gloomy and wet here in Sevilla tonight though it still isn´t half as cold as in Madrid (1 degC), where I was the past few days. I liked Madrid but love Seville for its architecture. There are also lots and lots of mustard coloured buildings around which is definitely a plus in my books. Dinner will be served with a flamenco dance performance later tonight so I´m really looking forward to that! I´ll definitely take tons of pictures on top of the hundreds of snapshots that I´ve already clicked away. Will post them up when I get back!

I´ll be jetting (more like training actually) off to Barcelona tomorrow. Mucho excitedo (not Spanish).

Wishing all of you well wherever you are! xx


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One thought on “Sevilla

  1. Suzy Q 10/12/2010 at 2:52 am Reply

    Hi, I heard over there, they have longboards for free? Bring one back for your good ol’ pal krisso.

    Kriss Kross like Mr. Bayliss’s long pants. Long board.

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