A super dee duper (in Barney the dinosaur’s way) speedy post, just to say …

COME DOWN TO ST. JAMES POWER STATION (OPPOSITE VIVO CITY – this info is especially to non-club goers such as me hahah ok stop it) FOR A FUN FLEA TIME! THE FUN IS HAPPENING ALL THE WAY FROM 11-5PM!

Since Christmas is merely a few days away, exams are over for all and everyone is in the festive mood, there is always that urge to shop and make merry! So why not come on down tomorrow? Come dressed in RED OR GREEN for a chance to snap a photo with Santa. Or, really to just bask in the atmosphere.

Plus, I heard that there’s gonna be IKEA’s famous hotdogs there too. I personally don’t know how they taste like but I heard it’s really good!

And … if you see me, just say hi. I don’t bite, I promise. See you ppppockets.

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One thought on “SWAP & SHOP FLEA IV

  1. Lenne 22/12/2010 at 9:41 am Reply

    I just saw this noooooooooo >’:

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