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Found this travelogue post hidden in the Drafts section from 2 years back when my family and I took a trip to Spain. This only covers Madrid (hence, the title) but Spain is just really amazing and I would really love to go back one day. I know the writing is a little clumsy, excuse me, but well I’m still publishing it to clear the backlog before I start on a new chapter!

I figured I shan’t put this off any longer. No one else might be reading this space anymore (my fault!) but you know, just to exercise my blogging habit once again I shall start this in motion now!

From the 1st till the 13th of December, my family and I finally launched into our long-awaited trip to Spain! We’d decided on free & easy, and so we had the liberty to extend our stay in Madrid, and even include another 2 nights in Paris.

On board Air France. It was a pleasant flight despite the long hours.
It was snowing upon our arrival much to our delight! My hands were freezing like crazy though cause I hadn’t prepared gloves for this.

Little did we know, our Madrid-bound flight got delayed. For another 6 hours. :/ It was kind of torturous being cooped up in a small airport terminal because there wasn’t plenty to do. Besides shopping, we basically just ate and sat around. I have to say though, if it wasn’t for this flight delay, I probably would have only tasted the best macarons ever (I don’t think I’m lying even though it was my first time eating them) a good week and a half later.

Laduree’s macarons were so, so yumm. And so, so expensive too. Well at least the price matches the quality.
Right after we landed into Madrid and checked into the hotel we went straight for dinner. Right after that, we launched straight into Starbucks. The night was still young and fabulous. Who could resist? (I know I look like a bear :P)
Outside Hotel Emperador where we stayed for 2 nights (or was it 3?). A quaint hotel located right in the heart of the city. Made shopping so much easier for us.

On the next day, we headed for a short city tour. I wouldn’t recommend the tour (sadly, I can’t recall the name of the tour group/guide) because the whole time our bottoms were stuck to the seats of the coach. We weren’t allowed to hop off and roam around, the way a good tour should permit us to.

Hard Rock Madrid – the last stop of the tour. I wish it had been something more grand or historic.

On the following day, we visited the official grounds of Real Madrid FC because my dad and brother are big fans. I’m not into soccer but it was a good experience nonetheless.

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu!
The extent of my dad’s obsession.
Mandatory shot
Huuuugeee trophies. And these aren’t the only ones they have there.
I really really love how Spain has mustard-coloured buildings.

And then it was back to Starbucks and more shopping :P Shopping here was AWESOME. Let me give you a rough gauge of its awesomeness: a Zara blazer, which can cost you about $149 in Singapore, can be bought for about $80 max in Spain (and any other parts of Europe). TELL ME THAT ISN’T A GREAT DEAL! I went nuts.

My brother’s name is ‘Hafiz’ … but the Spanish, they heard it wrong.

Let me let you in on something: we had Starbucks every single day while in Europe. How not to when Starbucks was practically at every crook and turn! It was insane. I had vanilla latte e-v-e-r-y day. The last time I had these much coffee was when I worked at Starbucks a few years back. My goodness, all those calories :O The drink kept me warm though, so I can’t complain too much! : >

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