As promised, I’m going to crawl back into this brand new chapter of blogging by having OOTD posts. There’s no easier way than this I think!

So let’s travel back in time for a bit …

{Dress, Bugis Village. Clutch, Zara TRF. Heels, Zara.}

This was taken sometime during the Chinese New Year weekend of this year. I really love the heels, but I didn’t have $169 with me at that point.

{Dress and skirt, FOS Malaysia. Shoes, Vincci.}

This was taken on Valentine’s Day. I had work that day and just wanted to wear something fun to fit the atmosphere. Thank God I was interning at a creative agency and not somewhere serious like … the bank! Don’t think I’d fit in anyway.

{Dress, Stephie’s Shop. Belt, vintage. Clutch, Dorothy Perkins. Shoes, Pazzion.}

En route to a good friend’s 21st. If not for my accented accessories, I would’ve totally blended in with the wall!

{Top, Bugis Village. Maxi skirt, Supre. Necklace, Diva.}

At another good friend’s 21st birthday. It was held at Sentosa, and I wanted something a bit more casual-looking, but not too relaxed! I hope I did all right. I guess it’s all in the textures.

{Parka, Valleygirl. Scarf, H&M. Pants, Dotti. Boots, Chocolate Schubar.}

Sometime in June this year, I followed my boyfriend and his family on a road trip up North (of WA). We had a cottage stay in Geraldton, and this tyre swing was firmly attached to a tree right outside of the house.

{Top, Gap. Pants, New Look. Sneakers, Lacoste (though you can’t really see it oops)}

Went on a shopping spree with my family at the Premium Outlet in Johor Baru, Malaysia. There’s nothing much there to be honest, but we always go crazy at the La Senza boutique evidently.

{Top, Forever21. Headband, Zara. Necklace, Mphosis.}

My cousin and I headed down to the Fashion Bloggers Flea Market when I was back in Singapore during the midyear. I went there to support Lenne of Aetienne and Venetia of FOYF. Managed to get pretty good buys at very good costs so I was really happy :D

{Dress, Topshop. Flats, H&M.}

My cousin got me this dress as my graduation gift because she knew I’d really wanted it! It was on sale when I first saw it ($39, from $109) but she managed to snag it at $19!!! – and it was the last piece (in my size!) F-A-T-E!

{Top, Chicabooti. Necklace, Lovisa. Clutch, Sportsgirl. Heels, Zara.}

Sigh. Here’s another pair of Zara heels I wish I had but couldn’t afford.

{Armswag, Dotti, Accessorize, Jayesslee concert wrist tag. Pants, FOS Malaysia.}

Posting this up because I really like the colours here! Pretty sure I didn’t blend in with the crowd what with my metallic sweater from Ally and coral pants. And purple bag. And cobalt knit scarf. Gawd, I’m such a head turner *flips hair* hahaha …

{Denim jacket, Forever21. Top, Forever21. Scarf, Sportsgirl. Bag, Coach. Sneakers, Converse.}

Sorry that this photo is so tiny! This was when my mom and brother paid Perth a visit and I was already done with Uni at this point but went back to collect an English assignment. Arts ftw!

{Jacket, Scarf, Accessorize. Maxi dress, Fashion Bloggers Flea Market (from ASOS Maternity).}

An outfit I put together for an IKEA trip. It was my first time wearing the maxi which used to be Venetia’s and I fell in loveeeee. It was so comfy, which led me to purchasing another ASOS Maternity dress LOL. By the way, you like my sheets? I do! It’s from Sheridan (POP range) … just sharing ok. I like to share good buys.

{Dress, Asos Maternity. Parka, Valleygirl. Necklace, Lovisa. Flats, LoveBonito.}

THIS is the other Asos dress I got off their Maternity section. Who knew I’d be shopping in that department at this point in my life? I’m not sure what the difference is supposed to be but they didn’t have one in their regular range (or at least I didn’t see it).

{Top, BYSI. Necklace, Lovisa. Skirt, City Plaza. Bag, Coach. Flats, Asos.}

I was in the mood for black on this day but I decided to add in more colour because shopping trips with your girlfriends should be light and bright!

{Dress worn as top, Kookai. Belt, Forever New. Skirt, Nunui. Heels, RMK.}

Playing dress up at home cause I was trying to figure out different ways of wearing the Kookai dress I’d recently bought which is super comfy by the way. It hurt my wallet a little cause I’ve never spent that much on a stand alone item … so I guess I was really trying to maximise its usage!

{Dress worn as top, Asos Maternity. Skirt, Vintage. Belt, Mom’s old one. Flats, Asos.}

I must’ve been on a roll with layering dresses under skirts because this is my maternity dress worn as a top! Also, I was trying to dress the way (I think) Olivia Palermo would and came up with this. I really like this outfit – brings something different to the table! (;

{Jacket, Forever21. Necklace, H&M. Top, Asos maternity dress. Skirt, City Plaza. Bag, Longchamp.}

My family came for a visit for my graduation and this was their first weekend there. Oh I must be really in love with the stripes dress~

{Dress, Stephie’s Shop. Knitted sweater, Ally. Clutch, Sportsgirl. Flats, Random shop in Perth.}

Out and about in Fremantle at Springtime.

{Dress, Bugis Village. Blazer, Ally. Belt, vintage. Clutch, Sportsgirl.}

Headed out to Hillarys on this day. Sorrento Quay is a tourist destination, and a fave with the locals as well. The atmosphere is serene as you have a meal or coffee amongst docked yachts. There’s also a really pretty cafe that I’m dying to return to.

{Jacket, Top, Ally. Necklace, H&M. Skirt, City Plaza.}

Looking all grouchy after a full dinner complete with ice-cream with waffles for dessert. Dinner was a really good one at Malaysian Dining Delights. If you’re in Perth and craving for good Chinese/Asian food, please go here and order their tahu telur, assam fish, sweet & sour fish, and salted egg chicken. Promise you won’t be disappointed.

{Top, Spellbound Far East Plaza. Necklace, Forever New. Belt, vintage. Skirt, Target.}

Graduation outfit. The only things new from this outfit are my necklace and the skirt, which I bought for $15. Who’d have guessed I’d find a piece for my grad outfit from Target? Goes to show you should always keep your options open! (:

Whoooh ok. I’m finally done with this post. That was pretty long! I hope that it’s been sufficient and that all is forgiven with my past negligence. :/ Bye!


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