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I first became a Stephie’s Shop customer slightly more than 2 years ago when I bought this toothbrush holder from their then website (oops, I can’t remember what it was called):

Stephie’s Shop has come a long way since then. Now that they’ve expanded their online shopping options, bringing their customers a wide range of unique, timeless pieces in the form of dresses, accessories and even lingerie (!!!), it’s no wonder that Stephie’s Shop is a favourite for many, including Australian blogger Jess of WhatWouldKarlDo:

{picture taken from WhatWouldKarlDo}

Stephie’s Shop also holds regular flea markets at the basement of Orchard Central in Singapore (I think there won’t be any more of these in the near future though as they have other plans in the loop). There, you can get tops, dresses, accessories for not more than $15. Wow wow weeeee. I’ve been there twice, and also tried not to go too crazy each round. I bought a few dresses which I really love, but I only have one with me here in Perth (also seen in THROWBACK OOTDs post):

I really like the colour of this dress. And I’m actually quite proud to say I’ve owned it and worn it even before the whole neon craze *blush* I like how it’s plain but not boring because of the colour and the sleeves. It’s just a really nice way to be bold, fun but not too loud! I think my best friend really likes it too, cause she had borrowed it for a school event:

{picture taken from Kristal’s personal Facebook}

And then there came a time where I saw a dress Stephie posted on Facebook, and immediately fell in love. I didn’t have that much money to spare then, and was contemplating whether to get it. When I had finally made up my mind, it was out of stock. Yeah, I’m sure you know how that feels. BUT! I then received an email about their Restock Specials, and was silently praying for the vines dress to be available, and when I saw that it was, I jumped in straight away to purchase it!! I know it doesn’t sound extraordinary to some of you, but hm, let’s just say when I first got the email, I was flagging for a cab. And when I completed the transactions, I had been in the cab for at least 5 minutes – and I’m someone who gets motion sickness rather easily so the fact that I endured the slight headache from completing the purchase must mean something!! Ok, so much talk, I’ll show you the dress now:

It reminds me of something out of a Mary Katrantzou line. I’m not usually one who wears a piece with a freaking tiger/leopard (not even the prints, I’m talking about the animal in its entirety). But I really fell in love with this! Must have been the colours and cut. When I got the package just a day after, I was so impressed!!! Got to hand it to Stephie’s Shop for having the best service ever! The cutting was really good as well, and I got it for SGD26.90 (if my memory serves me well). SOOOO, imagine my excitement when I came back to Perth and saw the very same dress retailing at a boutique in Carillon City going for AUD70 :O :O My inner “auntie” (this just means someone who gets really delighted at great bargains – kinda like the US version of Coupon Queens) was beyond ecstatic. I was upset at first of course, because I’d brought the dress to Perth thinking I might be the only one wearing it (hahahahah) but totally made my day when I realized how much I had “saved” from purchasing at Stephie’s Shop.

That said, imagine my disappointment when I came across a post on her blog yesterday saying that there’s a job opening at the company. I would have applied without second thought … if only I were in Singapore ): So, those of you in Singapore who’s currently unemployed and want to get into the fashion retail industry, check this post out! So jealous btw.

I really love Stephie’s Shop, and I love her blogging style even more – Stephie writes in a “no-holds-barred” manner which reflects on her fun and personable character. Her posts make me laugh quite a lot, and she even shares awesome tips like this one which I swear by.

You’d be happy to know that Stephie’s Shop ships worldwide.

Stephie’s Shop is available at:


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