Karla’s Closet is possibly the first ever blog that grew to be a favourite of mine when my fashion bones were jolted and shaken a couple of years ago.

Karla Deras’ versatile style (versa-tyle? hah!) kept me interested as I wondered how someone can look so good in everything she wears. I don’t know if it’s her dimples, her hair, her sweet demeanour or her toned bod and feminine facial features. I have no idea, and I have stopped questioning – but whatever it is, thank God for them because this girl can seriously rock any look:

My adoration for Karla’s style radiated to the point where I went ahead to purchase her blazer that was put up for sale in her online store without second thought.

I remember being over the moon getting the blazer (plus, the smell of the blazer – ooh so good!! Before you think I’m a creep, I believe Miss Deras had sent it for a good dryclean) and I wore it to Uni quite often!

In all honesty, the blazer was a tad too big for me but I didn’t care, and I would cinch it the way she’s worn it here:

I still have it in my wardrobe 3 years forward though I don’t wear it out anymore. It’s one of the few things that I find hard to let go of – because it belonged to Karla! (I know right, I’m such a fan girl).

Well, lucky for me, these days I can own something from Karla that would fit me a lot better.

Karla now has 2 lovely ranges under the Roman Luxe jewellery brand: Python and Blue Lapis.

Karla Deras for Roman Luxe is available online here.

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