You would have probably realized by now that the cat print is one of the biggest trends in 2012. Well, more of the cat face print actually since the feline fever actually kicked into motion back in 2010 with Miu Miu’s Spring/Summer Collection.

You can almost literally spot cat faces on any sartorial pieces nowadays from the famous Charlotte Olympia flats, to accessories, to t-shirts/dresses/sweaters/whatever you can hang onto your body.


Charlotte Olympia 




Hanneli Mustaparta in Opening Ceremony knit top


Beginning Boutique

Heck, even Freja Beha Erichsen got dressed as a cat-woman (now, a cat lady on the other hand would’ve been a different look altogether) in her first ever Chanel campaign earlier this year.


And, if you still aren’t convinced that the fascination and perhaps even obsession with the whole cat image is seriously trending at this point, take me as an example (ha!)


I know it’s not as if I’m the trendiest person in the world (I am not and I am well aware of that), which only goes to show that this feline fever is serious business! Oh by the way, I know I can just lazily tell you to scroll down to my blog resurrection post aka first post in 2012 or direct your attention to my gravatar for reference but I thought you know, just to emphasize my point, I should repost these pictures up. Also, I think I look pretty cute in these photos (so shameless right, I know). Meow.




(shop shall remain unnamed for various reasons)

I call these the pussy shorts. I know it’s really vulgar and offensive, but honestly that’s the only thing that comes to mind!

This trend has been such a huge hit across the board, but with everything else I believe there should be a limit and this shorts design just went past that. God (of fashion) forbid that these shorts be spotted anywhere on the streets … I mean, just imagine, a clowder (I had to google) of cats on girls’  lady parts – or a destruction of cats (the collective term for wild cats are ‘destruction’) for that matter, how can that not be funny. Or offensive. Whichever, you pick.

I just personally feel that these shorts are a cat-astrophe. If you disagree with me I hope at the very least you liked my clever pun.


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2 thoughts on “CAT-ASTROPHE

  1. Reen 12/12/2012 at 9:32 pm Reply

    HAHHAHAH! I ROFL-ed at the PUSSY SHORTS! You are hilarious. I also dont think it is CUTE AT ALL!!!

    • pocket101 12/12/2012 at 10:56 pm Reply

      Hi Reen!!
      Hahaha, am I not right!! It’s pretty gross. I hope my eyes don’t go through the torture of looking at someone who’s wearing them.

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