In light of Christmas, Leederville organized a street carnival for itself and Perthites to enjoy. It was aptly named, “Light Up Leederville” (I am so punny/lame).  Of course, other exciting activities like random dancing on the streets and people watching while having a slice of Little Caesar’s heaven on the top deck of a double-decker bus also took place. For me, I came with the mission of checking out the vintage booths and boy, I wasn’t disappointed!

blue sequinIMG_3438

Bluebird Vintage where I had also purchased 2 brooches – a mockingjay lookalike and a purple daisy!


Foam Coffee Bar – really digging the pink feature wall juxtaposed with more masculine furnitures. I’m looking forward to checking this place out the next time I’m in Leedy apart from the usual Greens & Co stop.


A few other vintage goodness! So much vintage, I was a happy camper!! Would have definitely been a lot happier if I had the big pockets to go with it. I had to be very careful with my buy  – I could only pick one due to financial constraints, and needless to say, I am pretty pleased with it – a lavender dress from Miss Brown.


Here’s me looking all flushed and sweaty, but very happy, as captured by the lovely Vintage Chic lady! It was my first time being “featured” on a blog, so I was super duper excited too! Thank you so much for the picture! xx

And in case you were wondering … (:

{Top – Bysi. Skirt & brooch – Vintage. Belt – Mama’s old belt. Shoes – Asos}


So that’s Leederville, lit.

To be very honest with you, this is my first time not heading back to Singapore for the year end/Christmas holidays but I’ve got to say, this is definitely the best time to head to Perth – lovely weather (ok maybe still a little too sunny) and even more fantastic street festivals! If you’re planning to come by Perth any time in the following years, I would definitely recommend coming somewhere between late November and early December so you won’t miss out on these exciting events.

Also, apologies for the short hiatus! I had gone for an impromptu road trip down south which I will blog about very soon (:


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