Last week, I decided to drop my plans of having some alone time (lie – I’m actually quite afraid to stay on my own, it’s really a big challenge for me because I’m super duper paranoid) and possibly working, to join my boyfriend and his extended family on a road trip down south. I was pretty excited for it to be honest because the last time I’d visited Margaret River, Denmark & Albany, I was just 13 (aka a decade ago – too long!) I would definitely recommend for tourists to discover the beauty that this Southern region has to offer only if you have about 5 days or so to spare from your trip to WA. I am normally a city girl, but ever since staying in Australia 4 years ago, I have really come to appreciate nature and rustic living. Okay, rustic living with good level of hygiene. It was such a great trip visiting these places that my boyfriend and I are thinking of planning another one with our friends soon!

From metropolitan Perth, it took us about 2h to get to Busselton where we had lunch at More Cafe on Kent St and visited the famous 2km jetty.


No that’s not the jetty. I didn’t take a photo of it this time round.

About 40 mins on, we finally arrived at Margaret River which was where we were due to stay for the next 3 nights at Riverzedge Retreat. Margaret River is well-known for their wineries and caves, and well, just being an awesome town – it has been awarded the Best Town of 2012 in the whole of Australia!


After visiting the Mammoth Cave, we stopped by for lunch at Cheeky Monkey – a must visit if you’re in Margaret River!


We also made the mandatory stop at the Margaret River Chocolate Company (no photos there, too busy eating chocolates) as well as Cape Lavender, which was heaven for me because everything is purple!


Deceiving picture of the Jacaranda (my absolute favourite tree!) because this was taken at the MR Chocolate Factory, not at Cape Lavender :p

The following days saw us visiting two wineries: Voyager Estate and Leeuwin Estate for some swanky tea and delicacies while the rest went for wine-tasting sessions


On our last day there, we decided to spend a bit more time in the town centre. I had read online about the magnificent Millers Ice-Cream and brought everyone to give it a try!


I had a mini moo (kids’ size) cup of Cotown Coffee – one of their best-sellers!

I also discovered vintage treasure troves there: one in the town centre itself (can’t recall the name of the store unfortunately) and another in Witchcliffe, about 7 mins drive from Margaret River. I’m seriously eyeing the $25 rattan chair! So serious that I’m thinking of driving down (well, making my boyfriend drive me down) to Witchcliffe some time this week! Am I mean?


The last itinerary for our trip to Margaret River called for an hour’s drive to Augusta to breathe in the sights that Cape Leeuwin has to offer. We didn’t manage to arrive in time for the lighthouse tour but we still managed to observe beauty at its best.


We had a nice bbq back at the villa to round up our lovely stay at Margaret River.

I shall continue with the second leg of our road trip another time because right now I have to help my boyfriend set up the dinner table for a special meal he’s cooked for us!

Wishing all of you a jolly Christmas, and may you get to enjoy spending time with your loved ones. (:

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