They really didn’t lie when they (Google and other people who’ve driven all the way down south) said that it’ll take approximately another 4 hours to get from Margaret River to Albany. Roads were long and winding, so it was probably sound advice that we made a stop at Denmark for a night’s stay.

No visit (way) down south is complete  without a visit to Valley of the Giants Tree-top Walk. The tree-top walk on the suspension bridge itself scared the crap out of me. The thing is, I am quite the adrenaline junkie – I have taken multiple roller coasters, I’ve taken rides like the giant drop, and I’ve even done reverse bungee and extreme swing but I’m fine with those because I feel secured! On the suspension bridge, you’re really just taking a casual stroll – except you’re a few hundred metres off ground and walking on a bridge that is kind of swaying! I hated it! Still, I managed to gather my fears and quickly snap this shot from the peak amidst trembling:


It was quite a walk, at least to me it took forever, but I was super duper glad to be setting foot on soil again, and was in a much better stance to (attempt to) capture nature’s beauty.


Face of Mother Nature right there.

It didn’t take us too long to complete the tour, and soon after we jetted off for another hour before we properly arrived in the town of Denmark and thereafter our accommodation at Wolfes Landing Ecostay.


Yeapp, rustic living at its best.

I’m just kidding, we did have proper toilet and a huge bathroom to shower in though the owner, John, did offer us this particular cubicle as an alternative (we were a group of 11 sharing 1 toilet).

Because we only had one night to spare in this region, we checked out and left early in the morning enroute Albany.

Before we stopped into town for lunch though, we made the biggest accidental discovery which we never regretted because the area surrounding The Blowholes was simply stunning.


That’s Sean, my boyfriend’s cousin.


Iylia getting his zen on.


Really loving this photo of Iylia’s cousins – each doing what they do best.

We had discovered the gem of The Blowholes when what we had really wanted to see was The Gap and Natural Bridge.


I was quite nervous to shoot this as well because the wind was pretty strong, and a single unsteady move could send me 25 metres down. Yikes!


The Natural Bridge

The beauty was really overwhelming. Whoever said that Perth/WA is a boring place clearly hasn’t visited these wonderful creations. That or they aren’t moved by nature.

Seeing as a lot of hiking had to be done to get to these areas, we really needed the food fuel and popped by Albany for lunch before we hit the road again to head back to metropolitan Perth. I think it’s a pity we didn’t get to explore Albany for long – it is a lovely, lovely town facing the coast. Albany gives off a cosy, homely vibe, and reminds me a little of San Fran (not that I’ve been there – just from what I see in movies) because of its sloping feature. I also didn’t get to take a lot of photos in Albany except for these pretty things:


This store smelled luuuurrrvveee-lyyyy!! True to its name: Butterscotch!


That’s right folks! We were there on a day claimed to be “the end of the world”. I’m glad that didn’t happen, because as lovely a town Albany was, and as fantastic an experience it has been on the road trip, I really missed my bed and having my bathroom all to myself! :D

Hope that you have enjoyed my posts on this road trip! WA is truly a breathtaking region, and in no way is it boring – it may be a little slow-paced, a little more laid-back, but in no way is it dull! How can it ever be with all these surrounding beauty? (:


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