I am waaaay behind in joining the bandwagon that is the (seriously!) wonderful world of Polyvore. I have no idea why I didn’t bother to peek around this god-sent (for the creative geeks) platform before, so for this I really have Popbasic to thank!

I received an email from Maddy + the Popbasic Team just yesterday afternoon regarding submissions of style guides for their latest collection by creating sets/collages on Polyvore. I thought to myself, “That sounds fun … let’s try this,” with an initially-mediocre amount of enthusiasm.  And then I started working on it and basically spent my whole night getting creative. I LOVE IT!

All you have to do is to create sets using pieces from their Beta Micro Collection. So we have …

1) The Polka Dot Blouse


For the first look, I had wanted to juxtapose the bold polka dot top with softer hues. Also because I love pairing my outfits with Converse sneakers and … because today I saw the Prada cat-eye sunglasses and my stomach flipped.

In the second one, I was exploring my love for bright, bold hues. I love gold accents too. When I created this, I had the New York Girl in mind – trendy, bold and sophisticated. I have also been eyeing that pair of Asos loafers – and they’re now on sale! Yay!

2) Yellow & Gold Twist Necklace


These two outfits are very different from one another even though they share the same necklace! I really love how fashion can be interpreted in so many ways. Both are looks that I would definitely wear, and are influenced by the styles of Nicole Richie (obvious, isn’t it? (:) and Olivia Palermo respectively.

3) Midsummer Night’s Necklace


The Midsummer Night’s necklace is my favourite of the three because of some of these reasons: I’m really getting into jade-accented accessories right now, and it’s glam-bam!-yes-ma’am! I had so much fun styling this piece because of the colours. I have also been eyeing that particular pair of Asos blocked heels, on sale too here!! It was largely inspired by my current penchant for white dresses as well. I imagined Kirsten Dunst would look stunning in this.

As for the second outfit, Karla Deras really helped me with a similar outfit here, but of course, I’ve added my own twist to it.

I honestly had so much fun styling these pieces (just look at how I went crazy with the texts too!!) and playing around Polyvore (I can’t stop gushing about it to my girlfriends – and boyfriend). So thank you once again, Popbasic for this exciting introduction!

I would wear all these looks out, but can you guess which is my fave?

Also, remember to join Polyvore (and the Popbasic initiative!) and have tons of fun! xx

Follow me on Polyvore under ‘pocketofchange’. Thank you!


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  1. Reen 03/01/2013 at 4:50 pm Reply

    My fave is modern vintage! xo,R

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