Hi Everyone! Hope you guys had a beautiful end to 2012 and a wonderful start to 2013.

If you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning, you would know that I take part in a flea whenever I’m back in Singapore. I still remember my first flea market participation – I was 10. And it was at Clarke Quay (in Singapore) selling pre-loved toys with my brother. He was only 7 then. He had TONS of collectible toys which sadly had to find new homes because we relocated to a new place and let’s just say, we seriously had too many stuff for our own good.

clarkequayfleaPicture for good measure. Look at how dorky I was!

As I got older, the flea market trend in Singapore started to expand as well, and groups of people formed organizations to manage these flea markets. Most of the stalls found there are rented out to youths – some selling their blogshop items, while others selling their secondhand goods. To date, I think I have participated in about 4-5 flea markets in the last two years including 1 in Perth organized by the lovely Jessie from The Velvet Bow with her friend, Robyn.

It has always been a dream of mine to organize one. I’ve always thought it would be a wonderful idea to start out by inviting friends and family – who better to ask for support than them right? I began to seriously consider making this dream happen about a year ago and now, I’m proud to say it finally is!

flea with friends

If you are a reader in Singapore, come down and say hi. And buy! Here are some (very tiny portion) of the things we will have up for sale on that day:

flea with friends eg

They are all going for really friendly prices – some even brand new or never worn! We will also be having a corner with pre-loved designer goods from brands like Kate Spade, Coach and Ferragamo!

So you know where to be on Saturday, 19 January.

See you there! x

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