Flea with Friends which happened on Saturday was a success despite the unforgiving weather. It had been raining non-stop since the night before, and yet people still came down to the event! I am truly touched by every single one of you who popped by and made this happen. Better yet, those who sent us messages to let us know how happy you are with the deals and buys! I am definitely a proud mama. Here are some pics of the event as photographed by my brother, Hafiz. 773771_10151235213458008_2035579309_o775127_10151235213303008_435567633_o774923_10151235215318008_770150433_o775275_10151235213813008_1170406980_o775236_10151235215798008_821735227_o774898_10151235214118008_1584067461_o150633_10151235215078008_421275867_n397697_10151235215398008_602729209_n428297_10151235217478008_1421903567_n156372_10151235218048008_1322812758_n 554332_10151235217408008_473324886_n

This past weekend had been a very busy one for me, as I had a photo shoot the very next day which saw me waking up at 5:30 am after a terribly long day. I shall post shots from the shoot once they are good for publishing. Have a great Monday all! x


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