When I was still in Perth, I saw the opportunity to collaborate for a shoot in Singapore with my brother, especially now that he has a keen interest in photography. I was very excited for it and once my brother gave the green light, right away I jumped into planning for this shoot (on top of 2 other ones and the flea) which then saw me suffering from insomnia on many nights (totally worth it, by the way).

I had wanted to create my shoots with the feel of my favourite films. I pounced on this chance and creative liberty to design a lookbook based on Sofia Coppola’s possibly most well-known work, The Virgin Suicides. Initially I had wanted just 1 model, and then it was 2, and by some sheer power or madness (I think it’s the latter) I decided to have 5 – best representing the Lisbon Sisters. That was seriously some insane and highly ambitious decision on my part firstly because this was my first ever self-initiated shoot which meant I had no one professional to guide me, and secondly, to have to style 5 girls as a first-timer was a potential route to hell. On top of that, I had decided to divide the shoot into 3 segments. The reason for this was the apparent differences in the Lisbon girls – they are all of different ages, but some are collectively in the same age group     with one being in that metamorphosis stage. To me, Lux Lisbon represented that, and you will see an overlapping of her “character” in the schoolgirl stage, and with the more grown up girls.

With the help of my girlfriends, sister, brother and 7 hours of being sweaty and victims to mosquitoes, we finally managed to create this lookbook titled, “A Charmed Life” – which of course sees the more ethereal and carefree aspect of the Lisbon Sisters. Singapore had been experiencing wet days – it was raining non-stop the night before! By some miracle however, the rain decided to hold itself in the morning of the shoot. I truly thank God for that.

As this is our first ever proper outdoor “fashion” (in quotes because others might have a different take on this) shoot, we welcome any kind and productive criticism or comments. (:

a charmed life-1a charmed life-2a charmed life-3a charmed life-4a charmed life-5a charmed life-6a charmed life-7a charmed life-8a charmed life-9a charmed life-10a charmed life ya-1a charmed life ya-2a charmed life ya-3a charmed life-11

Photographer & Editor: Hafiz Kamsadi // Stylist & Creative Director: Hannah Kamsadi // Assistant Stylist: Lydia Mak // Lighting Assistants: Lydia Mak & Adriana Kamsadi // Models: Christabel Lau, Dionna Lee, Esther Tan, Mizah Halifi, Siti Shafiqah // Wardrobe: Stylist’s own, Stylist’s sister’s (Adriana), Model’s own (Dionna) Shoes: Sœurs

(A very special thank you to the lovely Jayne who kindly loaned me the shoes from her boutique, Soeurs, located at Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore)

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2 thoughts on “A CHARMED LIFE – LOOKBOOK

  1. Reen 25/01/2013 at 2:04 pm Reply

    Amazing Job Hannah! Love the photos! Keep it up and I am excited to see more lookbook’s :) xoxo

  2. pocket101 28/01/2013 at 11:53 pm Reply

    Hi Reen! Thank you for all your support! (: Next lookbook, you’ll see yourself :p

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