I stand at about 5 foot and 3 inches, which is about 160cm. Ok, I’m actually 159.5cm. Yes, that 0.5cm matters a lot to me. Please do not mock. The air I inhale at this height isn’t too fresh. If you think about it, us fun-sized people are actually breathing in “recycled” air because all you tall ones get first dibs on the fresher bits.

So when I slipped on my newly bought platform heels on Sunday, I was thrilled! I mean, wowwww. It really feels different from way up there (you shorties know what I mean). I am not kidding you – I really felt I was breathing fresher air! It makes sense, right?? Everything seemed way different when you’re taller! You view things differently (because you know … everything else seems tinier …) and you just feel more confident, and with each step you take you’re all like, “Who run the world? Girls, girls!! Who run the world? Girls, girls!!”

Yes, that’s the power of heels.

fresherairheelsfresherairnecklacefresherair1fresherair2A glamorous documentation of me sucking in all the fresh air I can get.

{Top & pants – thrifted, Heels – Novo, Necklace – Sportsgirl, Handbag – H&M}

Pictures taken with my iPhone 5 because I can’t find my camera battery charger. Blehh.

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2 thoughts on “FRESHER AIR – OOTD

  1. H. E. Lexus 12/03/2013 at 4:22 am Reply

    Great outfit, love the heels. ;)

    • pocket101 13/03/2013 at 1:40 am Reply

      Thanks! I really love the fact that they’re incredibly comfy too! You have quite a collection yourself I see (;

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