I have always loved art. I did Art at ‘O’ Levels and later on pursued my tertiary studies at an Art school (but not for long). So I knew how much time it took to produce a piece of good work (part of the reason I have frequent and tremendous backaches which made me appreciate art even more). I am most drawn to illustrations, regardless of medium, and of course, to colours.

I imagine my future home to be filled with all these vibrant and quirky pieces – maybe only on a designated wall, or maybe on all walls of the house (if my future husband doesn’t mind bright things popping up from all corners and a bevvy of ethereal ladies staring right back at him!) I have always kinda wanted to be a curator for a living space that doubles up as a museum of sorts.

Here are some of the works from my favourite artists.

I first stumbled upon a painting by Jen Ramos of Cocoa and Hearts while browsing through a magazine (or was it a website?) and completely fell in love with her gallery because I am someone who can do with colours – and multiple strokes of them is just paradisal to me. For a good year or so, I actually used the picture below as my Facebook cover photo. I feel it resonates with me somehow. For instance, if my personality can be described in colours, this is what it’ll look like. Am I being dramatic here? Or just a tad emotional? Ah, the effects of art.


Melissa Haslam first captured my heart when I was about 17 and really into illustrations (not drawing them, just admiring from afar). Over the years, I have used countless of her works as my MSN (so yesteryears!) display pics, my phones’ (that’s right, plural) wallpaper, my desktops’ wallpaper, even printed out a photo and hung it up on my workstation wall when I was an intern. It’s her signature feminine and whimsical yet freaky and dark paper girls that I find very appealing.


A WA-based fashion illustrator, I first came across Pippa McManus‘ works on my way to Nandos (yumm) in the City – it was on exhibition at 140Perth. Since then I’ve made a mental mark to step into the make-shift studio and take a closer look but it never happened. Something about me not realizing there was an Opening Hours policy involved. Darn me. She recently went on to champion the Creative Edge category at the West Australian Fashion Awards (remember the one I volunteered for?) and justly so!


You could see by now that I have a penchant for colours, and Anya Brock is no exceptionAlso a WA designer, her works are currently displayed on the walls of The Bird – I was browsing WeLovePerth to read a review on this chill out place which led me to this discovery! The zebras can be found at the side of Ootong and Lincoln in South Fremantle – awesome backdrop for a shoot, don’t you think?


I also enjoy the paintings of Helen Simms, whom I recently read about in an interview here. I appreciate the clean and simple lines of her works, exuding sophistication.


Ooh … fancy.

And last but not least, my lovely friend, Khaireen Marsuki. She first surprised me with an illustration pictured below when I was feeling a little depressed (it totally made my day and even week!!). Subsequently, I got her kind help to produce another piece as a birthday gift for my boyfriend two years ago. I think she’s mega-talented, and while she doesn’t (yet) have a gallery, you can view her other doodles and witty talks here. By the way, Khaireen, if you’re reading this, know that I miss you and I hope you’re doing swell in Canada!


Who are your favourite artists? I would love to hear from you and add on to my list! x

All images used can be found on Google or via the links attached to them

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3 thoughts on “GREAT WALL OF ART

  1. Reen 20/03/2013 at 2:16 pm Reply

    Really love Pippa and Helen’s work so much! Its beautiful!

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