said Iylia a few nights back when we were watching JT videos on Youtube (because why not).

We came across this particular performance that was mind-blowing, and got us thinking, “DAMN. JESSICA BIEL IS ONE LUHHH-KKYYY LADY.”

I recently shared this with the biggest JT fan amongst my friends, and she was drooling so much she had to shower and change her top. Ok I’m kidding – but you get the picture.

JT really knows how to pack a punch in his performances. Iylia & I made a promise that if he ever comes by the west coast, we’d most definitely catch him in action.

I am positively confident with every single living cell in me that you will love it just as as we do.


And … if you can’t get enough of JT, here’s a clip from his fifth SNL appearance:

Also, fun fact – JT, Ryan Gosling, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera & Kerri Russell were all from the same batch of Mouseketeers. Too good to be true?


I don’t think it’s possible to miss Keri Russell …


Without Keri

Oh how I miss the young Britney. Unabashedly, I declare that I was a mega Britney fan. I had a copy of her official biography book she penned with her mom and it was my favourite book ever. I had it protected in clear plastic sheet even! What in the world … And I flipped through the pages so much it actually came apart.

Ok, enough about Britney. She’s all in JT’s past … and he’s sexier than ever now.

Images from (1) and (2).


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