If you love Before & After photos, you’ll love this post. You’ll also love this post if you love feeling better about yourself when you see gorgeous women looking bad. Okay, “bad” is relative. Read on to know what I’m talking about.

I’m sure by now you’ve probably chanced upon photos of porn stars with and without make-up lurking around the world wide web. They grew viral when Melissa Murphy, the make-up artist behind these alternative celebrities, posted before and after photos on her Instagram account – it is by the way, totally normal and understandable for MUAs to take these sort of photos because comparison photos are certainly the way to show off your make-up skills in the flick of a wand (if you know what I mean).


What were your thoughts? Did you take an extra minute to scrutinize these women at how plain they look without make-up? If you didn’t the first time, did you just do a double take? Do you feel enlightened at how normal you are that you have crow’s feet, patchy skin with red blotches, uneven skin tone, thin, uneven brows, freckles and whiteheads? That it is okay to have all those flaws because even people like (porn) stars have them?

Yeapp, I admit, that was exactly how I felt.

I have the utmost genuine respect for women who are courageous enough to be portrayed in this light, especially if they don’t naturally possess the conventional (high, nonetheless) standard of beauty. I know women tend to be pretty hard on ourselves, and when everyone around you shows no signs of dark circles, have perfectly clear and plump skin, long eyelashes, or luscious lips, we cave in and feel insecure about our own natural look, choosing to focus on things that aren’t exactly our best features.

And here’s the thing, make-up is just a tool to enhance the good features and conceal the bad ones. To further prove my point, go ahead and watch this video:

Mind-blown? Make-up is such an art, isn’t it?

Take it from Barbie, she would know.


It’s funny how I now feel it’s suddenly a-ok for me to leave home with a bare face after seeing all these ladies without all the cake and colour. Ok no, just the “no make up look” – you girls know what I’m talking about!

Do you feel the same way too? Or are you perfectly comfortable in your own natural skin?

Images taken from (1) and (2).

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