On Easter Monday I had a lunch date with one of my girlfriends, Ophe.

We jumped on this chance to head down to South Fremantle and finally visited the much-raved Ootong & Lincoln store.

Oh my.

I was so reveled by the entire place – the zebras, the food (I had Smoked Salmon with rocket, avocado, and poached egg nestled on potato and corn patty), the bicycles perched along the ceilings of the main entrance, the chairs that were so reminiscent of my childhood (No photos – Ugh, Regret!), down right to the young boy serving us (probably just helping his mom out given that it was in fact a PH here in Australia).


Remember them from my post here?


Rollin with ma homies


It was crazy packed when we got there and even as we were leaving, a long queue formed at the counter! It might’ve been super busy given that everyone was out and about on a holiday, but even so – definitely worth a visit if you are after something quirky, rustic and fun!

All images taken with my iPhone5 … because the camera charger I’d ordered off eBay hadn’t arrived. 


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