Ever since I saw Nicole Warne post this picture of her at the MBFWA on Instagram 4 days ago, I cried to myself, “I need that dress!!!”


Haven’t you felt that way before? When you see someone wearing or holding something you like, and it’s just instantaneous love?

I love the cut and the colour, and yes, obviously the Gary Pepper Girl got it right by pairing it with red lipstick.


Imagine my delight when she blogged about her outfit a few nights ago. This meant I could track down her dress! Yay!! Right? No, you’re wrong. Because imagine my horror when I saw that the dress retails at AUD955My gosh. I certainly don’t have that kind of money to splurge on anything!!


But what I do have are bargain-hunting skills.

I’ve found three dresses that boast similar styles and prints, and it’s definitely something I can afford at this point (although, to be honest, I am still contemplating if I should get one from here or push my luck further and scavenge at op shops instead)


Emily & Fin Strawberry Print Dress, $55.81 at Asos


Emily & Fin Oranges and Lemons Dress, $47.84 at Asos


Green Blue and White Floral Pleated Prom Dress, £24.99 at New Look


Parisian White Flocked Floral Skater Dress, £29.99 at New Look


Destination Floral Dress, $30.20 at Stephie’s Shop

il_fullxfull.389145474_ts9qVintage 1950s Floral Printed Dress, US$52 at Etsy

I don’t know, something tells me they’re not quite right and I should just keep on searching. What do you think?


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One thought on “THAT DRESS FOR LESS

  1. moving 29/04/2013 at 6:36 pm Reply

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