Last Sunday, I met with my cousin, Nazurah, for Northbridge’s O-Day. I had been seeing publicity press for it on my social media engines and was really buzzed to check it out. I even made sure I did (most) things We Love Perth advised go-ers to do!

odayootd-nazurahMeet Nazurah who’s seen sporting a Sportsgirl metallic-threaded jacket, necklace from Colette and Longchamp tote in a lovely shade of blue!

odayootd-hannahOOTD for O-Day

 Top – Kmart, $15 // Skirt – Ally Fashion, $10 // Necklace – Forever New // Clutch – Dorothy Perkins

We kicked things off by having drinks at tea for tú which was sneakily located behind the  boutique. The cafe is cozy and unassuming. We both took advantage of the $5 coffee + macaron promo they had on specially for the O-Day.


 After some much needed catch-up and food fuel, we were ready to take on William! (Pun)

Just next door was The Uniform Shop – a pop-up store housing merchandise created and designed by the fashion students of Central Institute of Technology. As I was entering the store, something from the window display caught my eye, and I just knew I had to have it.

IMG_6892IMG_6895Look at me go all possessive on the canvas tote as though it was officially mine. I haven’t even paid for it then!

A few shops down was another pop-up store: Montage, which consists of handmade goodies and creative things like cute cards (can’t post them up because they’re meant for someone and I don’t want to be ruining the surprise!).

It then started to drizzle, like that’s ever going to stop us from exploring, and I was so looking forward to try ice cream delights. I have read from somewhere, some months ago, that Delish Ice‘s Salted Malted Caramel is a must-try – but every time I’d raced myself to the fabulous baby blue pop van at the occasional street festivals, I’m beaten by the comeback, “Sorry, it’s sold out”. But no, not this time!!


It was a windy day and it had just stopped drizzling so it was definitely chilly for everyone else. I insisted on having (and sharing) the ice cream and I’m glad I did because it was so good. Cold? What’s “cold“?

We also took a walk along the Perth Cultural Centre to browse through the designer markets.


Nazurah commented that I looked too serious. I told her, “Shopping is serious business“. You mean that isn’t common knowledge??

She then proceeded to take a picture of me being more relaxed at my “sport”. I was still chuckling inside at her remark.


Unfortunately I didn’t go home with any of the vintage stuff I saw that day like that polka dotted number on the top right hand corner (because it was a size too big for me).

At the top of my list for O-Day was Class Photo-taking at the set-up installed near PICA.


Naturally the only coolest kids in class


I also happened to be the wonkiest one

Nazurah and I had a blast at O-Day wishing we had more time to fully capture what Northbridge had to offer. I regret missing out on No Lights, No Lycra which is basically where you can let loose and dance in the dark without feeling awkward that someone’s sniggering at how bad (or really enthusiastic) you are at it! 

Nevertheless, we did walk away from the hustle and bustle of the happening William Street feeling …



All images taken with our iPhones


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2 thoughts on “O, HAPPY DAY

  1. Maya from House Nerd 10/05/2013 at 4:28 pm Reply

    Oh god, how good are the salted caramel ices?? I had one at UWA’s Upmarket and I too, was expecting them to be all sold out – maybe they have started making extra. I really wanted to have them at my wedding, thought it would be so much fun, but alas we do have amazing caterers already not to mention have spent enough money already :)

    • The Pocket Issue 10/05/2013 at 11:58 pm Reply

      Salted Caramel icy poles would be so good at a wedding hey! It’ll be the talk of the town, no qualms about it! But yeah, I imagine they might get a little pricey ): and since you’ve already spent quite a bit … perhaps you can have them for err, a second proper housewarming?? Or maybe even a baby shower~~? (; When’s your big day!! Feeling so excited for you :D

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