A few things happened today.

Firstly, I wore my PJs/lounge pants out the entire day. Is there anything wrong with that? I don’t think so. It’s not like I look like a hobo – I put in effort to dress up a little even though my pants look like something an old lady would wear to the wet market on a Sunday morning. It’s just so soft, comfy, and happy. A nice old lady actually complimented them while I was on my way out. Ha!

Today was also the first time I got to wear my Nom Nom Laksa tee. Since I’ve barely had a day off work the past weeks, I couldn’t find the right time to wear it out and I eventually did even though it was just for a few hours! Laksa is a popular Singapore dish. It is so sinful, so fattening but so good. It is a mix of spicy gravy with coconut milk, and is usually served with egg noodles, prawns and fish cakes. If you’re over in Australia and craving for some good ol’ laksa, one of your best bets is to actually get this awesome laksa instant noodle at your local oriental mart. I’ve seen them around Perth, so it’s really pretty easy to get them and is almost as good as the real deal.


Here’s me looking like a retarded zombie. In her pjs. Win.

Secondly, I met up with my old’ Uni gal pal. Stephanie is back for a visit in Perth after completing her Masters degree in Hong Kong. It’s nice to have her around once again – she is so full of nonsense and hilarity. It was a joy to have her company especially during the trying and (sometimes) lonely times of Uni and today was no exception. She’s still the same ol’ Steph (‘:


Since it was my last official day of the Oscar Wylee Home Trial I’d also brought my favourite pick for a spin in the park! If you haven’t heard of Oscar Wylee’s Home Trial and you’re partially blind like me, then scoot over to the site now!! It’s the best, most clever and thoughtful service I’ve seen so far! I’m wearing the Whyte model in Auburn Tortoise Matte.


Top – Nomnom Laksa Tee, SGD29 // Pants – Cotton On Body, AUD15 (outlet store) // Glasses – Oscar Wylee, Home Trial // Necklaces – Valleygirl, Gifted and Sportsgirl, $4.95 (on sale) // Bracelets – Diva, Lovisa, Accesorize // Loafers – Asos, AUD22 (on sale) // Bag – Sportsgirl, AUD9.95 (on sale)

And lastly, I tried my first ever coconut drink in a box. I’m a fan of coconut water and have always enjoyed drinking it straight off the fruit, with the best part being scraping the flesh like a miner digging for gold. Yumm.


I also swear by using Virgin Coconut Oil as a facial moisturizer. Who needs expensive facial products when there’s a cheaper, as effective alternative!? Ok, I totally digress. I was just finding an excuse to share with you this amazing invention. Yes, you’re welcome!

This post has soo much food in it. Well, kind of. More than usual at least …

Till then

xx, Hannah

ps. I will be participating in a flea market/”shindy” on Thursday night. I’ll be posting more about it tomorrow so look out for it! :D

All images taken by Steph <3 

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One thought on “PJS X LAKSA

  1. B-B-B-ARGAINS | the pocket issue 27/05/2013 at 7:26 pm Reply

    […] got a few items for myself and Steph (you know, my Uni gal pal who’s here for a visit?), but my favourite buy has got to be a $30 set of pants and blazer from Bardot which I will soon […]

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