Here are some pictures taken at yesterday’s flea market over at Subiaco Arts Centre.

Stephanie and I decided to open a stall because we wanted to clear our goods: me with things I’ve stopped wearing/that don’t feel right on me, and Steph to clear her “business stock” (inside joke, oopsy).  It was a pretty last minute decision which explains the lack of visual merchandising – I tried my best by digging up whatever pretty things I have at home! Times like these I’m glad I’m a hoarder (well, kind of).

So anyway, I have to say, Denika of Sorry We’re Clothed (organizer of the event) did an amazing job in publicising the shindy! I didn’t even remember it being 6pm on my watch when people started streaming in and we were kept so busy for a good hour at least! Customers walked out with happy buys,  and I stayed in with happy pockets :D



Free Lolly Buffet! 


Birds I got from Myer Kids’ Department that used to adorn my bedroom walls

Uhm also, if you are ever interested at all, my top is from Dotti and it is on sale now!!

I still have a ton of things that would love a new home so … let me know if you are interested to purchase anything off me? Ok that is all, thank you! x

All images taken by my brother x his gadget and my iPhone (you can clearly tell the difference)

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