A while ago, Kristal shared with me this TedxTalk:

I started doing my research and followed Cameron Russell on Twitter. Cameron was both a runway and a commercial model for big names like Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Calvin Klein.

It’s really refreshing to hear someone with a “socially-lauded” statuesque talk about body image. Right

So when I found out that Cameron and her online magazine, Interrupt Mag, was looking out for contributing stories for their second issue, on body image, I jumped at the chance.

I received an email from Cameron this morning informing me that my article is now published, which you can find here. Click it only if you are comfortable reading about embarrassing things. Click it anyway if you aren’t, but are the curious and brave sort. 

I shared this article with my mom just a couple of hours ago. I guess being the Asian/conservative mom that she is, her first response was,

“Why are you so open and daring?” 

Good question, mama.

The opportunity to write on bodily issues was just my way of expressing things that I couldn’t share with just about anyone any woman but at times so badly wanted to. Why? So they can learn from my mistakes.

My sister read the article as well and got angry with me (just for a quick while), for the very reason that I dissuaded her to avoid repeating my mistakes. Then again she’s only 9, she’ll understand when she’s older.

Do I regret talking about my body so publicly? No.

Because that’s the thing with discussing about your personal body image – so many out there find it a taboo and keep it within themselves for fear of being widely scrutinized or criticized that there are a dozen others out there who suffer in silence about their insecurities.

I’m so glad Interrupt Mag has given me the opportunity to talk about a topic that people would otherwise feel uncomfortable to share and hear (or read about).

So, thank you Interrupt Mag, for making me so open and daring for the first time in my life.


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