If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’d know that I’d spent yesterday going to 2 different sales: The Blogger Garage Sale hosted by some of Perth’s famous blogging fashion-lovers (like Bonnie Friday, Little Miss Mon Bon, Le Fanciulle and Wasted Wonderland), as well as Oh Henry Vintage’s Bonkers! Clearance Sale.

It was great to finally put voices and character to the faces you often see on social media sites and it’s amazing how the bloggers “lived” up to how I’d pictured them to be!

I got a few items for myself and Steph (you know, my Uni gal pal who’s here for a visit?), but my favourite buy has got to be a $30 pantsuit from Bardot which I will soon post on the blog!

I regret not taking more photos at the garage sale because I was too busy finding great buys (completely decent excuse – I walked away with $52 worth of things) but I do have photos of my outfit thanks to cool cat Trish of Le Fanciulle!! :D

88427442658842739231Dress – Princess Polly, $35 // Accessories – Lovisa, $9 (necklace) and $5 (ring – both on sale) // Sunglasses – Dangerfield, $15 (on sale)

After an hour spent at a blogger’s garage, the boy (and myself) got hungry so we hurried down to Ikea for a quick lunch since we were in that area.

IMG_8132Ikea always has the most amazing deals on food!! This is the Atlantic Salmon set, which I couldn’t find in Singapore the last time I was back! I love this! But I don’t love the after-breath! Hahahah! :\

Right after recharging our low fuel we set off for Guildford Town Hall for the massive vintage sale! And by massive, I am seriously talking about a thousand over vintage pieces. On. Sale.

IMG_8133Just half of the hall

I received an update on Oh Henry’s Facebook page whilst on the way there that they’ve reduced everything by $5 – including the originally tagged “$5” items, which, yes, meant that those were free. They’re seriously bonkers, no lying!! (Though word has it that after we’d left, EVERYTHING was brought down to $5!! *cries*)

Of course I got more psyched than ever.

IMG_8160Look. I didn’t even have time to stop for a pic.

IMG_8159Until Steph was like, “Hey, let me take a picture! It looks good!”

It is by the way, so unlike me to not want to take pictures of places and events. I am typically Asian like that – I would take pictures of anything and everything if I could. So this sale must really mean something.

Unfortunately, even though it was a massive bonkers sale, a lot of the things were not to my taste or were a few sizes too big. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of having to alter the clothes (because my seamstress is all the way back in Singapore – I can’t find a cheap and good tailor here in Perth) and even as a bargain hunter, I didn’t want to get things “just because it’s cheap”. I have learnt from my past mistakes. Perhaps I’d missed out on the better stuff. We did after all head down at 2pm.

I did collect mostly “free” things which I intend to donate to Salvos or something, and I got some tops for Iylia as well (1 free, 1 bought). In all, I’d spent $25 for 5 pieces.

This is my favourite buy from Oh Henry Vintage:

IMG_8150Uh … excuse my expression. It was a candid shot.

And right after this photo, I had a slight wardrobe malfunction.

IMG_8152IMG_8151My head is big. So what.

always seem to embarrass the people around me. 

But I guess that’s why my friends love me: I bring party to their otherwise dull lives. And I find them good deals.



All images are mine or Steph’s, except for the outfit photos taken by Trish of Le Fanciulle.

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