Vests are a common sight during this time of the year. Fur vests are especially on trend right now.

But puffy vests? Asians have been known to wear them since … forever. I’ve decided to forge stronger bonds with my culture by slipping into one last Friday morning. They’re made for days that brew the right blend of sunshine and wintry air.


“Puffy” vest – Big W, $24 (I think?) // Necklace – Lovisa, $7 // Pants – Glassons, $20 // Clutch – Dorothy Perkins

Also a peace sign, because that’s what Asians do best too.

Before I go …

Iylia (while walking behind me): You look like an Ah Ma* in your outfit, including the flats. I think it’s the flats.


Me: What?! Are you serious?! (but not deterred enough to turn around and give a scowl)

Iylia: Yeah, I swear Ah Mas wear pants and shoes like that.

Me: (in my mind, images like these pop up – refer below)


Iylia: – But I’m sure you can make it look cool!!

Nice save there, Iylia. 

So on top of looking extra Asian, I look like an Asian grandmother. Sweet!

I might actually get those pair of flats … if grandmas love them, why wouldn’t I??

*Ah Ma refers to a Chinese elder lady

Images are mine except for bottom two taken from (1) and (2).



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