I paid Swan Valley another visit when my family was here, because I’d promised to bring my mom for scones at Cape Lavender. Of course we didn’t stop there – we did our usual touristy pit stops at places like Margaret River Chocolate Factory and House of Honey.


Maggie’s Place


Cape Lavender

1016647_10151488592623008_38383474_nHouse of Honey

1002276_10151488602673008_1095283823_nCaversham House

Even though we are 14 years apart, my sister really is one of my bestest (shhh, go away Grammar Nazis) friends. She is my personal hairstylist, my favourite shopping buddy who will no doubt complain but I can keep her quiet by feeding her (hahaha! I know I sound so horrible), someone who nurses me when I’m sick  especially when I’m down with really bad cramps, and just always knows how to make my day! I’ve missed being around her and I was so sad when she went back home, but I can’t wait for her to visit me again in August!


We even seized the opportunity to buy Jelly Beans together, courtesy of my mama! :D

And just some glamorous shots of me taken by my brother:

993057_10151488593158008_447535293_n7158_10151488592083008_490764391_nIMG_9134Dress – Princess Polly // Vest – Kmart // Bag – H&M // Jelly Beans – A Little Love // Bunny ears – Found in my brother’s car (I’m not sure why he has it!?)

I am almost there, almost (!!) with my backlogged outfit posts! Hope you guys are enjoying them so far!

All pictures taken by my brother


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