I am normally not a “matchy-matchy” sort of person. My shoes need not go with my top … or pants, or bag, or necklace … well you get the idea. I’m usually big on colours and contrast.

But one day, I woke up and decided … I’m going to get tangled up in blue.

allblue1003968_10151494854763008_943450199_nallblue3Jacket – Forever 21, similar here // Tshirt – Sportsgirl, $15 (was 50% off!) // Pants – Valleygirl, $29.95 // Accessories – Lovisa

This was what I wore to lunch with my family in Fremantle, a place known as the Port of Perth (also known as “Freo”). In retrospect, I’m pretty sure I got decked in blue because I was inspired by the place, much like someone dressed in florals and frills for a picnic in the park.

Do you get that too? Or is it just me? I’m confident I’m not alone in this!

Also, since it’s the beginning of the holy month in the Islamic calendar, here’s wishing all Muslims a blessed & fulfilling Ramadan! (:

All shots taken by my brother, Hafiz

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2 thoughts on “TANGLED UP IN BLUE

  1. Fashion Galleria 13/07/2013 at 10:31 pm Reply

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