In my previous post, I had a brief mention on the #Restyle2013 Photo-A-Day Opshop Challenge run by the Perth Fashion Festival and supported by Lotterywest. Anybody can take part, as long as you have an Instagram account!

This is me in my outfit for Day 10 with the “blazer” prompt.

IMG_1478 IMG_1476IMG_1475 Blazer – Mom’s old piece // Tshirt – Nom Nom // Accessories – Lovisa necklace, Asos ring, Lovisa & Accessorize bracelets // Tote – c/o Stephie’s Shop

The whole point of Restyle is to create awareness and promote eco-fashion through opshopping. My bad that the blazer wasn’t thrifted, but I think I’m still grasping the concept of helping reduce the manufacturing of new garments by wearing hand me downs (it used to be my mom’s who often wore it to work). I’ve had this 21 year old (but still pristine!) jacket in my wardrobe for a long, long time now but I’ve only worn it about twice and wanted to actually donate it to charity … that was until #Restyle2013 forced me to incorporate it into my current style, and I have to say, I’ve got no regrets in keeping it with me!

Anyways, Restyle 2013 runs till the end of August! It’s really a fun exercise and environmentally-friendly too, and I do hope you take part as well!

All images taken by my lovely sister, Adriana


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