Being in the creative industry gets tough sometimes.

You’re underpaid, you’re not paid, you overwork, you don’t get any work … you get disheartened, depressed, and you think to yourself,

“Am I really on the right path? Is this what I really want?”

And then you shake your head, slap your cheek and yell to the heavens, “OF COURSE IT IS!!”

But first, you’d probably need to watch an inspiring video such as this:

545218_10151903838781995_1519938520_n(Click! to view)

or read a post like this one from DesignLoveFest.


I feel it always helps to see what other creatives are doing and maybe even reach out to them just to regulate your drive. We all need a kick sometimes to get our groove back.

I hope this post has somehow inspired you too in one way or another!

xx Hannah

ps. How amazing is DesignLoveFest!? I have been an avid reader for sometime now and I am still as in love as when I first read it 1.5 years ago. But more on that another day!

Image taken from Perth Fashion Festival Facebook Page and DesignLoveFest.


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