My best friend recently wrote me a card. She said if she had to describe me in 3 words it would be: silly, paranoid, and considerate.

I have known Kristal since 11 years ago, when we were geeky 12/13 year olds whose skirts were too long and socks pulled too high. We have been through a lot since then (even coming to study in the land down under alone together 5 years ago!) I guess, when you have been through the toughest of times and can still share inside jokes for over a decade, it is testament that the friendship is incredibly special … which also means, Kristal’s description of me is pretty much valid. Considerate is rather self-explanatory (I’m a people-pleaser), paranoid requires us to maybe have a chat about it over coffee, but silly – that I can show you now.


But as my personal tagline goes, I am versatile, and can be elegant too.

IMG_2540IMG_2541IMG_2526IMG_2523Top – Target // Pants – Thrifted // Shoes – Freefish // Hat – Valleygirl // Necklace – Lovisa

Ok who am I kidding? I’m silly through and through, at least with my best friend around!

All images taken by Kristal.



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2 thoughts on “SORBET

  1. sepatuholig 09/09/2013 at 2:50 pm Reply

    “… and can be elegant too…” hahahaha… looking at these picture, thats a funny statement… cute blog!

    • The Pocket Issue 09/09/2013 at 10:14 pm Reply

      Hehehe, yeah well .. I guess I really am silly!
      Thank you for your kind words xx Your life seems pretty interesting! :D

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